Joe Biden Receives his COVID-19 Booster Shot, Explains the Role of Vaccinations in Ending the Pandemic


President Joe Biden got vaccinated with a COVID-19 booster shot on Monday; encouraging more and more Americans to come forward and take their jabs. The third jab is highly controversial. Amid these controversies, Biden’s inoculation has created a lot of speculations all around. However, the American President took his first jab on December 21, 2020; and followed it with a second jab on January 11, 2021. Now that he has received both the jabs; he was eligible for the third shot.

Joe Biden Received his COVID-19 Booster Shot

American President Joe Biden received his COVID-19 booster on Monday; amid all the controversies revolving around the need for a third shot. He encouraged more and more Americans to come forward and receive their respective jabs. So far, the Coronavirus has killed more than 688,000 people in the United States; and has infected millions of them. However, to ensure more protection the FDA approved the booster jab for all those who are vaccinated with both doses.


Joe Biden Receives his COVID-19 Booster Shot, Explains the Role of Vaccinations in Ending the Pandemic
Source: Indian Express

Vaccinations Play a Very Important Role

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); have approved the COVID-19 booster shot for all Americans above 65 years of age. However, Pfizer BioNTech’s third jab is said to offer more protection; to all those who have already received both their Covid jabs. President Joe Biden highlighted the fact that vaccination plays a vital role; in eradicating the pandemic and bringing the world back to its normal pace. Besides that, he also said that definitely boosters are important; but getting vaccinated in the first place is more essential. Meanwhile, he added that he is completely fine and has not noticed any side effects after taking the booster jab; neither did he have any side effects; after receiving the first two doses of the Covid vaccine.

What did Biden Say about his COVID-19 Booster Shot Inoculation Experience?


Joking about his inoculation experience, Joe Biden said that he is 65; and he doesn’t look like it. He further added that this is the reason; why he is receiving the COVID-19 booster shot. Biden received his first and second dose alongside the first lady Jill Biden. Unfortunately, she could not accompany him on the third inoculation; as she was teaching at the Northern Virginia Community College, where she is an English professor.

Joe Biden Receives his COVID-19 Booster Shot, Explains the Role of Vaccinations in Ending the Pandemic
Source: The Economic Times

Moreover, he asked the American citizens; to get themselves inoculated as soon as they can. He further emphasized the need for vaccinations; and how they offer protection from the deadly Coronavirus. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has purchased 500 million more doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer Inc.


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