Joe Biden looks Up to Barack Obama For Boost Whereas Trump Is At The Electoral Map Too Rigorously


Joe Biden is the leading Democrat candidate for Presidential election 2020. He is doing everything to win more people on his part and consequently, win the election. With the polls indicating that 2020 may become Biden’s year, the current president is not that far back. He is tapping his strongest battleground areas which led to his victory in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. His dive in the south is his hope to win more votes from his side. Joe Biden has more liberals with him, from Kamala Harris to the former President Barack Obama. Now, we don’t have to go on about Barack Obama. He is the one who will come out front in Joe Biden’s support in Pennsylvania. The first presidential debate happened on September 29, 2020. The second debate was canceled due to Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

Joe Biden to get Obama's support against Trump
Barack as Biden’s ultimate support: Source: 6abc Philadelphia

Upcoming Debate: The strongest as of yet


The upcoming debate will take place at Belmont University, Tennessee on October 22, 2020. Democrat Joe Biden is hoping to get the boost from Barack Obama. Barack Obama will hold his first in-person campaign event for Joe Biden in Philadelphia on Wednesday. We all know of Obama’s apprehension towards Trump’s run. He has opposed Donald Trump’s office vigorously. Hence, he will come public and people will hear him over their radio sets. Trump has rallied hard in Pennsylvania. He has blatantly called Biden’s campaign as the upcoming depression one.

He said, “You will have the depression the likes of which you have never seen. If you want depression, doom, and despair, vote for Sleepy Joe and boredom.” He is hoping to snatch the win on the electoral map prior to the coming presidential debate.


Joe Biden to get Obama's support against Trump
Trump in full action!

Donald Trump is doing it all wrong giving more benefit to Joe Biden

The American citizens have been opposing Donald Trump over his attitude over the last few weeks. Two days back, he cornered the nation’s leading disease expert and a regarded TV news magazine. He also insinuated that talking about the virus is useless and tiring. Trump is furthermore, relying too much on his signature campaign rallies. The Republicans have failed to show responsibility towards the economy. It wasn’t expected, especially with the upcoming Presidential elections. It is the time when the politicians start working tirelessly but Trump’s administration said goodbye to all the responsibilities.

The upcoming debate will have a few things different than the last one. The microphones will be cut when the rival will be speaking. This will prevent the unnecessary interruptions in each others’ addresses.


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