Japan Announces Virus Emergency Two Weeks Ahead of Tokyo Olympics


Just two weeks ahead of Tokyo Olympics; Japan announces a new state of virus emergency in the country. The emergency is supposed to remain in Japan throughout the Olympics; barring the fans from visiting the games.

Japan Announces Virus Emergency Two Weeks Ahead of Tokyo Olympics
Source: Lincoln Journal Star

Emergency Implemented in Japan Just Two Weeks Ahead of Tokyo Olympics 


Japan is witnessing a new surge in COVID-19 cases just before the Tokyo Olympics. The government has announced a new set of virus emergencies across the country throughout the games. According to the reports, fans and visitors will not have the privilege to watch the games in person. There are just two weeks left before the opening ceremony, and such a situation is concerning for the government. However, the cases are rising; just because of the new Delta variant.

The Prime Minister’s Statements

Yoshihide, Prime Minister, Japan said that the situation is extremely worrisome. As compared to other countries of the world; restrictions in Japan are quite loose. But, as the Tokyo Olympics are approaching; they have to remain extra cautious. Strict measures are implemented in Japan until August 22. However, if the situation improves in the upcoming days; the government can think of lifting the emergency.

Delta Variant Spreading in Japan’s Capital


COVID-19 cases are rising especially in Japan’s capital. The Delta variant is spreading in several countries, including Japan. Most of the fresh cases in Japan are of the Delta variant. It accounts for around 30 percent; of the total cases in Japan. Moreover, experts believe that it will expand in the upcoming days. The vaccination drive in Japan is also quite very slow. Henceforth, it is better to implement emergencies; throughout the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan Announces Virus Emergency Two Weeks Ahead of Tokyo Olympics
Source: Al Jazeera

Restrictions and Prohibitions in Japan 

During the emergency, bars and restaurants; are prohibited from serving alcohol. All eateries and other businesses; are allowed to remain open until 8 PM. Public events such as concerts and conferences are supposed to get closed until 9 PM. Moreover, all events will take place with only 50 percent of the total occupancy. Although, there is no such decision regarding the Tokyo Olympics yet. However, the authorities wish to see some people; standing at the games to cheer up the players.

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