Jack Ryan Season 3: Release, Cast, And Potential Plot Details


Amazon’s Jack Ryan is one of the most thrilling action dramas. The show has amazing action sequences, a gripping story, and a charismatic lead who fits the role like a glove. The second season of the show premiered on October 31 last year. Fans are dying for Jack Ryan Season 3 to come back!

Jack Ryan follows the titular character as he finds himself in the middle of political warfare. He is a normal CIA analyst but he is brought into the field in both seasons. What follows is a drama filled with action, political conspiracies, and a cast filled with amazing characters. While season 1 received overwhelmingly positive reviews, the second season didn’t become quite as popular. It still received largely good reviews and gathered quite a fan following.

So when is Jack Ryan Season 3 coming out? Keep reading to find out.

Also a friendly reminder. Spoilers alert!

Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date

Amazon has already greenlit Jack Ryan Season 3. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed this news in a report in February 2019.


Filming for the show was subsequently delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. But don’t worry, filming began again in October this year. According to Just Jared, actor John Krasinski was spotted in Italy filming for the next season.

If all goes well, we can expect the next season to come back somewhere in 2021.

Who will be back?

Jack Ryan Season 3
(John Krasinski as and in Jack Ryan) Source: Amazon.com

Undoubtedly, John Krasinski will be back to play the lead. Krasinski also serves as one of the executive producers of the show. He is also the fifth actor to play the role. Previous actors who portrayed the role include Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine. However, Krasinski is the first to portray the role in a show. Krasinski is also known for his directing chops in films like A Quiet Place and its sequel. It will be interesting to see him in front as well as behind the camera.

Jack Ryan Season 3
(John Krasinski as Jack Ryan and Wendell Pierce as James Greer) Source: Vulture

Wendell Pierce is also coming back to portray James Greer. Both Ryan and Greer make up for an impeccable team and it is a joy to watch them both together. Season 2 had many fans waiting for them to reunite again and when that happens, it’s just a delight to watch. At the end of Season 2, we see Greer finally taking a medical leave. This doesn’t mean that the character won’t be seen again.


Jack Ryan Season 3
(Abbie Cornish as in Dr. Cathy Mueller in Jack Ryan) Source: Personology and Relational Science

Another character to watch out for is Ryan’s Season 1 love interest Dr. Cathy Mueller. Abbie Cornish who portrays the role was not seen in the second season. Her involvement in Jack Ryan Season 3 is not yet confirmed.

Other characters who could return include:

  • Noomi Rapace – Harry
  • Michael Kelly – Mike

Season 3 will see a new showrunner. Vaun Wilmott, producer of Prison Break and Star Trek: Discovery will now serve as the new showrunner.

Jack Ryan Season 3: Potential Plot

While the firsts season took place in the Middle East, the second season took place in Venezuela.

The report from Just Jared suggests that Jack Ryan Season 3 is scheduled to be in Italy.
Jack Ryan has managed to provide two seasons with contained storylines and we are expecting the same to happen in the next season. If that’s true, this new season will have him trying to stop another countrywide mayhem probably.

For now, we can just wait for Jack Ryan Season 3 to come out soon.

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