Israel Hits Gaza with Airstrikes as Netanyahu Vows to Step Up Attacks on Hamas


Israel unleashed airstrikes on Gaza. Since Monday, 26 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Gaza attack. Nine children and a woman are reported dead. Many housing militant buildings are destroyed. Armed groups, including Hamas, bombarded southern Israel with rockets. The conflict intensified throughout the day. On the other hand, Israelis vowed that their strikes would only increase.

Israel Hits Gaza with Airstrikes as Netanyahu Vows to Step Up Attacks on Hamas
Source: CBS News

Israel-Palestine Airstrike Attacks


Israel attacked the militant house as well. At least 16 militants are reported dead in the attack. Meanwhile, Gaza militants also backfired rockets towards them. Two civilians were reported dead and at least 10 were wounded. But the Israeli PM’s warning is even worsening. He said that they will increase the strike rate and strength both. Even more, is coming. Besides that, he said that Hamas will receive strikes that it had never expected. Israel is also widening its military campaign. The military is sending troops to the Gaza border. Moreover, the defense minister ordered 5000 reserve soldier’s deployment.

Israel-Palestine Tensions Include Jerusalem too 

Both Israelis and Palestinians exchanged attacks throughout the day. The bombardment of rockets and airstrikes was preceded for quite a long time. Dramatic confrontations also took place at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque. Al Aqsa mosque is a sacred place for both Jews and Muslims. Jerusalem is also a part of the long conflict. It is the emotional core that is fueling the struggles.


Israel Hits Gaza with Airstrikes as Netanyahu Vows to Step Up Attacks on Hamas
Source: Godsownmedia

This tension is one of the largest Israel-Palestine tension in history. Watch here. Palestinians threw stones at Israeli police. In return, they fired tear gas at them. Besides this, grenades were also fired into mosques. Many Arab community members across Israel staged overnight protests. Hamas has fought three wars and many combats with Israel since Gaza’s control in 2007. Usually, the wars ended in a few days. Countries like Qatar, Egypt, etc. have been providing constant support from behind.

Many People Killed in the Airstrikes 

Israel carried out many airstrikes, aiming at two buildings. It was believed that militants were hiding in them. At midday, a building in central Gaza city was hit. Many militants were reported dead in the airstrike. But the blast terrified the citizens, especially those who were running on the streets. An earlier airstrike hit a building where people were invocating during dawn time. In that incident, two men and a woman were killed. Netanyahu has claimed that these tensions are going to rise even more. More airstrikes will take place.

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