Israel-Hamas Truce Begins After 11 Days of Raging Conflicts


The Israel-Palestine conflict in the Gaza Strip is now over. Finally, the truce has begun. Egypt initiated the cease-fire on Friday.

Israel-Palestine Conflict Comes to an End, Truce Begins

The truce has begun between Israel and Palestine on Friday. However, Hamas warned that it still has its hands on the trigger. They demanded Israel to end the violence in Jerusalem. Hamas wants Israel to address the damage they have caused in Gaza. On Israel’s behalf, US President Joe Biden has claimed to salve Gaza. More than 232 Palestinians were killed in Israeli airstrikes. 12 people from the Israel side were also killed during the conflict. The 11-day long conflict is now finally over. People in Palestine came out from their houses and poured on the streets. The mosque loudspeakers feted “the victory of resistance achieved over the Occupation”.


Israel-Hamas Truce Begins After 11 Days of Raging Conflicts

How did the People Celebrate? 

People were celebrating the truce all around in Palestine. They were chanting from the mosque speakers. Cars driving around Sheikh Jarrah flew Palestinian flags at dawn. They honked their car horns, shouted, yelled, and celebrated. Many people did not come out of their houses for the last ten days. They had a fear in themselves. And when they finally came out, all they did was celebrate.

Death Toll 


The truce happened at 2 AM. Even during that time, Israel carried out one airstrike. Both sides were ready to retaliate against each other’s violations. Cairo sent two delegations to monitor the situation there. Around 232 people were killed during the 11-day conflict. 65 of them were children. More than 1900 people were wounded in the airstrikes and bombardments. Israel said that it had killed at least 160 soldiers. The death count in Israel is reported to 12. Several people were injured in rocket attacks, panics, and rush.

Israel-Hamas Truce Begins After 11 Days of Raging Conflicts
Source: ABC News

Hamas’ Demands for the Truce

Hamas, the Islamist militant group that rules Gaza expressed its view on the truce. They saw the fight as a successful resistance to a stronger foe. A senior Hamas member said that the fight is over, but their hands are on the trigger. They will continue to grow the resistance capabilities. Hamas has demanded Al Aqsa Mosque’s protection in Jerusalem. They have also asked to stop Palestinian eviction from East Jerusalem.

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