Is There Going to be a Dark Season 4


Dark is a German science fiction series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

The events take place in a small town called Winden, the story revolves around 4 families who are interconnected to each other and unravels a sinister time travel conspiracy and secrets that spans several generations.

What happened in the previous season:

Hannah, Katharina, Peter, Regina, and the Wöller siblings are the only middle-aged main characters who remain in the origin world as they were the only ones who were not born as a result of time travel.

In the origin world, Hannah is expecting a child with Torben Wöller, while Regina and Katharina are single and happy as Ulrich never existed in the origin world and Regina never met Boris/Aleksander, Peter is dating Bernadette. All of them are enjoying dinner at Regina’s residence amidst a thunderstorm.

Hannah experiences a Déjà vu when she sees a yellow raincoat similar to the one that Jonah and Martha used to wear in their respective worlds.


Her recollection of memories seems similar to the fate of the two worlds. This implied that their events still affected the origin world in some way.

When asked what Hannah will name her child, she took paused to think then tells everyone that she will name it Jonas.

The cast of Dark:

The show has a pretty monumental cast – with some characters played by up to three different actors across various time periods. Some of the main characters of the show are-

Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald), Maja Schöne (Hannah Kahnwald), Lisa Vicari (Martha Nielsen), Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielsen),

Jordis Triebel (Katharina Nielsen), Lisa Kreuzer (Old Claudia Tiedemann), Paul Lux (Bartosz Tiedemann), Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler)

Rest of the cast includes Stephan Kampwirth as Peter Doppler, Carlotta von Falkenhayn as Elisabeth Doppler, Daan Lennard Liebrenz as Mikkel Nielsen, Moritz Jahn as Magnus Nielsen, Gina Stiebitz as Franziska Doppler, Sandra Borgmann as future Elisabeth.


Lydia Makrides plays Regina Tiedemann, Hermann Beyer plays Helge Doppler, Sebastian Hülk plays young Egon Tiedemann, Christian Pätzold plays old Egon Tiedemann, Sebastian Rudolph plays Michael Kahnwald, Angela Winkler plays Ines Kahwnald.

Hans Diehl, Jakob Diehl and Claudie Heinrich as “the unknowns” and Christian Steyer as HG Tannhaus.

Dark season 4 updates:

Dark will not be coming back for Season 4, as show’s co-creator Barn bo Odar made an announcement in May 2019:

“And it’s official! We are working on Dark Season 3. It is the final cycle of this great journey.”

Netflix has a sort of tradition to cancel shows after 3 seasons, but that’s not the case here. Barn told everyone before season 2 even aired:

“We always had three seasons in mind when we developed Dark and are happy to tell you that we will start shooting the third and final season in four weeks so we can deliver you guys the final chapter of Dark next year.”

However, a show featuring time travel opens up an infinite number of possibilities, and if the creators consider these possibilities then the show might come back.

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