Is Black Mirror Season 6 Confirmed?


Black Mirror is a TV series created by Charlie Brooker and produced by Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker. It is an anthology series that explores the possibility of humanity’s greatest inventions turning against it.

Events take place in a world just minutes from our own, the show portrays how technology created by humans for the betterment of society can backfire and be used against them. Every episode is set in an alternative reality, where different characters are fighting against various types of technology.

A Hint About the Arrival of Season 6:

It has been a year since season 5 came out, fans are eagerly waiting for any update about when season 6 is going to be released.


Netflix is known for its clever advertising, and recently there was a billboard placed in Madrid’s streets, which says, “6th season live now, everywhere.”

According to this billboard, the creators are telling a message that season 6 has already been released, and we all are part of it. It’s called ‘Reality’.

Seeing how the year 2020 is going, there may be a possibility that we are living in a “black mirror” world.

Black Mirror Season 6 Not Going to be Released on Netflix:

Charles Brooker and Annabel Jones have been in charge of a production house company called House of Tomorrow.


It is a division of a much larger company called Endemol Shine. Brooker and Jones exited House of Tomorrow in January 2020 in hopes of getting a deal of their own Netflix. However, Endemol Shine still owns the rights to Black Mirror.

The thing is that now, Brooker and Jones no longer have direct control over the property, Netflix will first have to strike a deal with their new Broke and Jones company. Then make a new deal to license the Black Mirror IP from Banijay- the new owner of Endemol Shine so that Brooker and Jones can remain the showrunners of Black Mirror Season 6.

The signing of these new deals will surely be really expensive for Netflix.

Season 6 Cast:

There is still no official news regarding the cast of the 6th season of Black Mirror. Black Mirror featured a brand-new cast for every season till now, so anyone can be cast in the 6th Season. Showrunners have never failed in bringing top-tier talent, and we have rarely seen an episode in which the cast is not up to the mark. So it’s safe to assume that the audience will not be disappointed by the new cast of Black Mirror.

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