iPhone 12 To Have Ceramic Shield Which Is Tougher Than Previous Glass


iPhone 12 will have a ceramic body as against the previous glass ones. If you know an iPhone user, you know how cautious they are all the time. It’s like their whole life depends on that. If they accidentally drop it, then the reactions are vine-worthy. This was noted by the company and Apple decided to change things up for the new phone. This will give greater security to iPhone users so that they don’t die every single time something happens to their phone. Read the article to know how iPhone 12 is different than the previous models.


iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11
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iPhone 12 will have nano-ceramic crystals shield

The new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will have a ceramic shield display. This means that they are stronger and rustic than the previous ones. According to Apple, the screens will have four times better drop protection than iPhone 11. Various testing videos have surfaced online to test the same. People became curious to know how true are Apple’s claims. The video linked below shows that the force capacity of the iPhone 12 is way more than the iPhone 11. Talking in newtons, the video shows that iPhone 11 could only withstand 352 newtons of force. However, the new phones are able to bear 442 newtons of force. This is a 100 newtons upgrade we are talking over here.


The Ceramic shield automatically tells that the glass built of the iPhone 11 is not at par with what Apple will produce further. In the new phones, scratch chances are way lesser. The 6 and 7 points of the Mohs hardness test were used in the video. On iPhone 11, the 6 and 7 points both left scratches. However, on the 12 model, only 7 points left some scratches.

The new phones are better but still, Apple has a long way to go

The scratch resistance in the new phones is too good that keys, coins, rocks, etc. could not harm the models. However, the Ceramic shield appears only in the front of the phone. This means that the back of the iPhone where the luxury logo situates is still left for harm. The rear glass of the the new 12 model is the same as that of the iPhone 11. The drops from 6 feet did not do anything major to both the devices. However, when the testers dropped them from a 10 feet altitude, the back glass of both the phone suffered major breakage. Apple launched iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro on Friday. Hence, more people will try to conduct various tests to compare them with the previous models. Also, the tests shown above may vary in different tests.

iPhone 12 model
Source: Forbes


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