Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs- Every Details About The Recent Line-up.


Intel is all set to start its latest voyage. Recently, they made headlines for apropos its next-generation 10nm Xeon family. Besides, Intel is sui generis for its production of microprocessors and processors in most personal computers. Undoubtedly, it is credible that Intel has again mesmerized us with the release of Sapphire Rapid Xeon CPU. Nevertheless, our only doubt is; when can we foresee and its key features. Well, in that case, we got your back. Here are the complete details you need to know about Intel’s Sapphire Rapid Xeon CPUs. So without badgering, let’s get into it.

When can we expect Intel’s Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU?


As the news circulating very fast than what we imagined. Yes, it is prescient to tell that we can expect Intel’s Sapphire Rapid Xeon CPU in the second half of 2021. But on the other, a source reveals that the launch will be sometime in 2023. As per the source, one can contend with a volume ramp for Sapphire Rapids Xeon SP CPUs that must come out soon in 2023. In 2021, the Xeon Scalable Processors lineup will abound with Sapphire Rapids. So considerably, we can prognostic that the supply will not be more than what we have anticipated it to be. However, Intel’s roadmap indicated its launch in 2021.

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU
Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU

What are the key features of Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPU?


The adroit Sapphire Rapid chips’ node is yet to be decided. The doubts are interminably flooding, but we expect that the nodes will be better than the Ice Lak-SP’s 10nm+ process node. But with a tinge of resources, we know that Intel is fabricating products with a 10nm SuperFinpocess node. These eminent process nodes are akin to the Tiger Lake mobility CPU lineup. Mused by the next-generation Xeon lineup.

Moreover, Intel Ice Lake-SP 10nm and Cooper Lake-SP 14nm families will be replaced by the next-generation CPU portfolio. This eminent CPU architecture will be optimized for the data centers and servers. CPUs will be repleted with various SKUs. Eagle Stream platform will be the updated support system.

The Sapphire Rapid chips will be fabricated with Intel’s 7nm discrete GPU, the Xe-HPC-based Ponte Vecchio, in the Aurora supercomputer.

What are the Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon CPUs specifications?

  • The 10nm+ based Sapphire Rapids will be using updated Willow Coce core architecture.
  • Usage of 8 channel DDR5 memory.
  • It will support PCIe Gen 5.0 on the Eagle Stream platform. This platform will also replicate the LGA 4677 socket.
  • The core counts will be up to 48 crores with less than 200W in single and dual-socket platforms.
  • Whereas the 4S/8S platforms will be using 32 core counts with over 200W TDPs.

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