Instagram Introduces Anti-Abuse Features, Here’s Everything You Need to Know


The social media platform, Instagram, comes up with the new anti-abuse feature. The new feature ensures less hatred and abuse on the social platform. Abuse on social media platforms is quite common these days. Here’s everything you need to know about the new feature.

Instagram Comes up with Anti-Abuse Features

Amid rising abuse on social media platforms, Instagram comes up with a new anti-abuse feature. This set of features ensure less abuse and offense on the application. Moreover, the developers have added the ability to limit comments on the posts and DM requests. Besides that, the app will also issue strong warnings against those who try to comment on anything offensive and spread abuse. The application has also introduced a new Hidden Words feature. However, the main focus of all these features is to make sure that the app is safe from hateful and offensive comments.


Instagram Introduces Anti-Abuse Features, Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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Social Media Giant Introduces “Limit” Feature

Instagram users will now see a “Limit” option in their feed. This “limit” feature will automatically hide offensive comments and DM requests of those people who don’t follow you. However, the Facebook-owned company has now made the feature accessible to all users. Anyone who uses the application can now use the feature as well. Users can enable the new “limits” feature in the application’s privacy settings.

The Hidden Words Feature


Instagram already has a feature called “Hidden Words”. It allows the users to filter hateful and offensive words as well as emojis into a hidden folder. Moreover, if you want you can never open that folder. It has all the junk (hateful and abusive comments) stored on your profile. Besides that, this feature also filters spam and fake DM requests. This is pretty cool! However, this feature is currently available in only a few countries at the moment. But the application is planning to launch this feature globally this year.

Instagram Introduces Anti-Abuse Features, Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Source: TechCrunch

Instagram has Already Programmed a Set of Abusive Words in the Application

While releasing the new feature, Instagram said that it has already programmed a list of abusive and hateful words along with emojis in the application. Henceforth, the feature will automatically filter those words for the users who have enabled it. As mentioned above, users can enable the new feature in their privacy settings. Besides that, the application will also warn those people who try to use abusive comments. The company’s recent data suggests that they issued about a million warnings in a day on an average basis. As a result, several users edited or removed their comments after receiving the warnings. This feature is one of the best features of the application to date. Meanwhile, the application is trying to build a safe and clean platform for its young users.

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