Inside Job Season 2 on Netflix: Renewed or Canceled?


Has Netflix renewed Inside Job Season 2? The entertaining adult animated series definitely succeeded in winning fans’ hearts. However, it revolves around Reagan Ridley, who is an intelligent and inhibited scientist. The story also features her friends and coworkers at Cognito Inc; a government organization that partially rules the world. Moreover, the series is Netflix’s first-ever in-house animated venture. The plot is light with a pinch of humor that is enough to please the audience. It instills adult humor in the form of the dad-daughter duo and absurd conspiracies. The audience is quite curious to know about the show’s future. Here’s everything we know about it.

Inside Job Season 2 Renewal Status

So far, Netflix hasn’t announced anything regarding Inside Job Season 2. The first season premiered on October 22, 2021, on the streaming service. It consists of 10 episodes, each about 30 minutes long. However, it is quite early for Netflix to renew any series.


Inside Job Season 2 on Netflix: Renewed or Canceled?
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It will wait for some time to observe how the series performs on the streaming service. Although the series has managed to establish a good fanbase, it is still early for the streaming giant to decide its fate. Besides that, adult animated series like Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, etc. have performed really well in front of the audience. Henceforth, Inside Job’s success won’t come as a surprise to us.

Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix is yet to renew Inside Job Season 2. However, season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, making room for season 2. Therefore, we are expecting the series to return for a second installment. Shion Takeuchi, the series creator has hinted towards the possibility of another season. Moreover, she said that he wishes to explore different sides of all the characters that he didn’t in the previous season. Further, she added that the series’ plot possibilities are truly endless. Besides that, Netflix has purchased 20 episodes of the animated series. Henceforth, there are very strong chances that the series would return for a second installment. A 2022 release date is a safe bet.

Inside Job Season 2 Expected Plot


Speaking about the plot of Inside Job Season 2, Takeuchi said that she has a Bible to describe the shadow world. Moreover, she said that the upcoming season will have lots of twists and turns.

Inside Job Season 2 on Netflix: Renewed or Canceled?
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We already know that the series features two different worlds, one at your workplace and the other that you’re born with. However, we will get to see more of Reagan and her coworkers at Cognito Inc. in the upcoming season. Besides that, Takeuchi also stated that she’s quite excited for season 2. Let’s see what happens in the forthcoming season of the animated series.

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