Indonesia Faces Lack of COVID-19 Vaccines, Foreign Nationals Leave the Country Amid the Crisis Situation


Foreigners are leaving Indonesia in bulk after the country’s severe battle with COVID-19. The country is witnessing a deadly COVID-19 wave in the country along with a shortage of oxygen and medical supply. As a result, foreign nationals are leaving the country.

Several Foreign Nationals Depart from the Country

In the past few weeks, foreigners have left Indonesia in bulk amid the rising COVID-19 cases in the country. According to the national airport records, thousands of Indonesians have left the country in recent weeks. The country is facing a severe Covid wave right now, along with a shortage of oxygen supply. Besides that, there is also a lack of COVID-19 vaccines in the country.


Indonesia Faces Lack of COVID-19 Vaccines, Foreign Nationals Leave the Country Amid the Crisis Situation
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COVID-19 Situation in Indonesia

Indonesia is the most COVID-19 affected country in Asia right now. The country has witnessed a sudden surge in daily cases and deaths recently. Moreover, it has waned India’s massive outbreak. A few months ago, India was going through a devastating situation. There was a lack of oxygen beds, oxygen supply. Likewise, this Asian country is also witnessing the same situation over the past month. Moreover, it is witnessing more than 50,000 cases in a day. The country was witnessing around 8000 cases a day in June and the situation overturned suddenly in July.

Why are these Foreign Nationals Leaving the Country?


According to the reports, approximately 19,000 foreign nationals have left Indonesia this month. The airport in the country’s capital, Saoekarno-Hatta, Jakarta reported this news. Sam Fernando, who leads the immigration department at the airport said that half of the foreign nationals have departed this month itself. However, people are leaving due to vaccine unavailability. These foreign nationals are facing difficulties in getting vaccinated. Henceforth, they are leaving the country to get inoculated in their homeland.

Indonesia Faces Lack of COVID-19 Vaccines, Foreign Nationals Leave the Country Amid the Crisis Situation
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A Brief Data of Foreign Nationals Departing from Indonesia

Japanese and Chinese nationals have made of the departures from Indonesia. Approximately, 2,962 Japanese and 2,219 Chinese have left the country so far. Besides that, 1,616 South Koreans have also immigrated from the country. Moreover, 1,425 Americans and 842 French also left the country. Similarly, 75 Russians, 700 British, 615 Germans, and 546 Arabs have also departed from the country. The main reason behind their departure is the vaccine unavailability in the country.

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