India’s Preparation For COVID19 Vaccination’s Management Is Almost Done!


Marget Keenan becomes the first person to test the COVID19 vaccine, Pfizer jab in the UK. Now, the question is when do others get their shot? Moreover, the US is the foremost affected country in the world, followed by India. Currently, out o 74.1 million cases, India has a number of 9.93 million cases. On the other hand, we have a lot of recovery cases with a good number of 9.46 million. Unfortunately, we have lost over 144 thousand souls. Although, prevention is better than cure. Here are the latest updates about India’s plan of banking the COVID19 vaccine. Read more to perceive your vaccination date.

When can we expect the COVID19 vaccination?

Recently, the health ministry’s secretary Rajesh Bhushan published India’s plan for the COVID19 vaccine storage in a press meet. He claimed that around twenty-nine thousand cold chain points, two hundred forty walk-in coolers, seventy walk-in freezers, forty-five thousand ice-lined refrigerator, forty-one thousand deep-freezer, and three hundred solar refrigerators will be afforded for the COVID19 vaccination storage in India.

The press meet took place exactly after the Government’s assurance regarding the COVID19 vaccination shot for everybody.


COVID19 vaccines in India
Who is going to be the first to get the COVID vaccine in India?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Rajesh Bhushan officially announced the statement. He also assured that each twenty-nine states in India will receiver the necessary resources for the COVID19 vaccination. Besides, Kerala had made the headlines recently, as the CM of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan guaranteed his people that the COVID19 vaccination will chargeless.

What is the medical crew doing about it?

To be clear, the official states that around 36 states and Union territories of India have responded to the meetings of State Steering Committees and State Tak Force. And 663 districts have settled the meetings of the District Task Force. For a firm confirmation, many training modules have been accepting it. Including medical officers, vaccinator officers, alternative vaccinator officers, cold chain handlers, supervisors, data managers, ASHA coordinators, and so on.

COVID Vaccines in India
COVID19 cold chain management


In addition to that, physical training, as well as training on virtual or online platforms, have been started for them. Besides, the completion of National and State Training of Trainers.

Rajesh Bushan at the press meeting briefly told that the immediate action is to ensure that everyone has been overcoming the issue, like the UK citizens. Regarding the first set of people to get the vaccine, the officials stated that around 100 to 200 people in each session will be vaccinated for the first time, under a thirty minutes monitoring.

So in this case, if the vaccine is propitious, then everyone will get their vaccination.

COVID19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines:

As per the COVID19 vaccine operational guidelines, the vaccine carrier, vaccine vials, ice packs should be kept away from the sunlight. Vaccines and diluents inside the vaccine carrier’s lids are uptight. There is no vaccine vial monitors, date of expiry on the label of the COVID19 vaccine. At the end of the vaccine session, unopened vaccines will be returning to the head.

Also, a digitalized platform will track each vaccine. So, it is really a hectic situation, to make sure that every Indian out of 1.3 billion will get their first COVID19 vaccine someday.


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