Indian-Origin Pediatrician Kills A Doctor And Then Himself In Texas


An Indian-origin pediatrician shot dead a lady doctor. He was suffering from terminal cancer and was 43 years old. He then killed himself after taking hostages. The incident happened at a medical office in Austin. The place is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas.

The name of the identified man is Dr. Bharat Narumanchi. According to police, he was recently diagnosed with severe terminal cancer. He was living in Texas.

On January 26, police obtained an appeal claiming that a guy walked with a gun into the premises of the Children’s Medical Group (CMG) and was taking hostages inside the house, CNN reported, quoting a press release from the Austin Police Department.


Initially, several hostages were being held, police said. However, most of them got successful to escape. Also, remaining were allowed to leave, except a pediatrician named Katherine Dodson.

US: Indian-Origin Doctor Shoots A Pediatrician And Kills Himself - Gulte

On the spot, the hostages who fled from the office told police that the man was equipped with a pistol and what seemed to be a shotgun, Texas police said. He had two duffel bags as well.

A week before the shooting, he had visited the CMG bureau and applied for a volunteer job. This is also causing further confusion for the police. Some are even saying that this could be just because of the depression he might have from the deadly disease.

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The case in Texas has made people and the police shocked. Other than his recent visit, there is no connection that can be found between the two Dr. Dodson and Dr. Narumanchi. And hence, police were finding themselves unsuccessful and confused.

After repeated attempts, SWAT officers entered the building. The building is where they found Dodson and Narumanchi dead. The two were dead from apparent gunshot wounds, the report said.

The news released by the Texas Police department has many points. It stated, “It appeared that Dr. Narumanchi shot himself after shooting Dr. Dodson”. They also assured the people that the incident is still under investigation. Everything will be out soon.

An examination or autopsy will be performed by the Travis County Medical Examiner. This will help the police to determine the actual or official cause and the manner of death of the two.

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