Indian Government Shares Details Related To Transportation Of Coronavirus vaccine


Government sources said on Thursday, in a further move towards the beginning of COVID-19 vaccinations and distribution in India, it is most likely that there is going to be the transportation procedure initialization of the coronavirus vaccine to begin from today or tomorrow. The progress comes ahead of the scheduled launch of January 13 of the vaccination program.

Two vaccines, Covishield and indigenously produced Covaxin have been approved by the drug regulator for restricted emergency use in the nation. The authorization was issued on January 3 and the Union Health Ministry announced that it was scheduled by the ministry to carry out the vaccine within 10 days of authorization.

Reports said that inside the country, the government has allowed passenger aircraft to carry vaccines.


The central hub from which the distribution of vaccines will occur will be Pune in Maharashtra. It should be noted that the Indian Serum Institute, which produces the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine, known in India as Covishield, is located in Pune.

Articles said 41 destinations around the nation have been confirmed for the distribution of vaccines, according to the news agency ANI.

Delhi and Karnal will be made mini centers for north India, as per the available information, while Kolkata will be the mini-hub for the eastern side. The city of West Bengal will also be the Northeast Nodal Point. For south India, Chennai and Hyderabad have been identified as nodal points.

It can be noted that tomorrow the government has planned the second national dry run for the vaccine against COVID-19. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said today that enhancements in the scheduled vaccination program have been already made, based on the feedback received after the very first dry run.

India Gears Up For Mass Roll Out of COVID-19 Vaccine, Dry Run To Be Held

Procedure Of The Vaccine Delivery:


If you are confused about how the vaccine doses are going to hit recipients, we have brought all the steps that you need to know. Check the following complete procedure: 

Step 1: Four major vaccine centers are in place: Mumbai, Karnal, Chennai, and Kolkata. These main depots will directly collect vaccines from suppliers.

Step 2: Now, the second step involves delivering supplies to 37 state vaccine outlets from the 4 primary depots.

Phase 3: Now the vaccines can enter the chain of delivery. The vaccine stores will be supplied by these stores.

Step 4: Vaccine doses will hit primary healthcare facilities & sub-centers through district stores, which are real vaccination locations for the target population with a 3 crores count.

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