Indian Digital Marketing Agency Notchweb By Nikhil Darji Explains 5 Advantages of Instagram For Business.


This means that if you’re like many marketers, you’re uncertain of whether or not you should use Instagram. Nikhil Darji says that since it has more than 800 million users, Instagram could surely be worth your time. If you’re on the front about investing time and energy into the platform, you surely aren’t alone.

Notchweb is a Awarding Winning Digital Marketing by Nikhil Darji having based in Gujarat and having global presence digitally and successfully served many enterprises and brands national and International project. Mr. Nikhil Darji is social media influencer and Google certified digital marketer. He became entrepreneur at very young age of 19 and started Royal Clouds, a leading web Hosting company in India.

A call to Notchweb expert communicate with an administrator about social media marketing services from Notchweb, or continue reading to learn more about how you can profit from using Instagram as part of your retailing strategy. Below are the 5 Advantages of Instagram For Business.

1. It’s Visual

As a photo-sharing platform, it may sound like we’re stating the obvious here. But unlike most other social media platforms, which concentrate on text and links, Instagram is particularly used for photo and video posts.


Recognizing that visual content is more engaging than text, is a huge event for marketers. Instead of trying to send followers to your site to make a property or explain the benefits of working with you, you can use photos to create a more compelling message.

Photos give your business a chance to highlight products, and videos are a great way to show your services in action. And beyond that, you can also use the platform to show company culture and other slow-the-scenes aspects of your business.

2. It Has High Commitment Rates

Instagram users in 2016 liked over 4.2 billion posts per day. Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without any hashtags. This alone is reason enough for many marketers to use the platform.

With organic reach on Facebook dropping as low as 2-3%, it’s no surprise that marketers are frustrated by their engagement rates. But when you post something on Instagram, more of your followers are likely to see it. This is a huge advantage, especially when you consider that many marketers now use paid advertising features on Facebook simply to get their posts in front of their own followers.

3. Your Business May Already Be There


Whether you’re on Instagram or not, some of your customers apparently are. This means that someone may have already posted about your company.

This is particularly true if your business has a physical location that customers visit, like a retail store or restaurant. Users can add location tags to each of their posts, so if anyone has ever posted a photo while at your business, it probably has a sticker on Instagram.

4. It’s Great For Growing Your Brand

Unlike most social platforms, you can’t require to send transactions to your site with every post you make on Instagram. In fact, you can’t include any links in your posts—the only one you can have is one in your bio.

This may seem like a problem, and if you were hoping to drive income directly from Instagram, it is. However, it also means that users are more likely to follow and interact with your company because they know you aren’t trying to directly sell them anything. Alternatively, you can use the policies to build your brand.

5. It Has Targeted Promotion Options

Much like other successful social media platforms, Instagram offers paid advertising options for businesses. And although you can run a prosperous account without paying a dime, these advertising features can be an effective way to grow your account.



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