Indian Covid Variant, B.1.617 Threatens UK Reopening Plans


The UK has decided to delay its reopening plan for now. PM Boris Johnson warned netizens that the new strain, B.1.617 is extremely dangerous. The Covid variant was first detected in India. Slowly and steadily, it might prove hazardous if strict actions not taken. Most probably, B.1.617 is responsible for the sudden surge of cases in India.

UK Reopening Plans Dropped due to Indian Covid Variant

The UK will speed up its vaccination drive. On the other hand, the 12 weeks gap between two vaccine shots has been cut short to 8 weeks. PM Boris Johnson had plans to end the lockdown. But it seems difficult as cases in India are recklessly rising. He has urged more and more people to come forward and get vaccinated. The country was supposed to ease lockdown on June 21. Hopefully, it won’t happen now. Johnson added that the new variant is a serious threat. It has the power to disrupt all that is achieved so far. Serious problems can occur if not thought responsibly.


Indian Covid Variant, B.1.617 Threatens UK Reopening Plans
Source: BBC

Vaccination Drive in the UK

The vaccination drive in the UK is going at a great pace. Moreover, the country is successfully conducting a vaccination campaign. In fact, two-thirds of the country’s adult population has received the first dose. The authorities are urging more and more people to get vaccinated. Know more about vaccines from WHO.

New Variant More Transmissible 


Indian Covid variant cases were also detected in the UK. Last week they were 520 in total. However, this week the number doubled to 1,313. Bolton, Blackburn, and Darwen are witnessing a maximum of B.1.617 cases. This variant spreads faster than any other prevalent Covid variants. Another strain was discovered in Kent last year. It started spreading in the UK at the year’s starting. Data suggests that the Indian variant is 50 percent more transmissible. Experts believe that if not cautioned, the variant might dominate in the UK. Therefore, this is not the right time to unlock the country.

Indian Covid Variant, B.1.617 Threatens UK Reopening Plans
Source: DNA India

Lockdown Restrictions Eased from Monday 

The UK government is planning to ease restrictions from Monday. Moreover, there is a decline in the total number of cases for a few days. From Monday, we can expect the clubs and pubs to reopen. International leisure travel will also restart. Indoor seating in restaurants will also begin. The PM has advised people to still continue social distancing. He has also asked citizens to frequently wash their hands. Besides that, he has requested them to get tested for free twice a week.

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