India Tops The Highest Rate Of Smartphone Usage In 2020


This year has made everything possible only through digitalization. Well, in that case, smartphones, gadgets, PCs are the solution. Also, they are the only avenue of escape from boredom. But what shocks everyone is, India topping the list. Let’s get to associate with why Indians are using smartphones excessively than anyone.

As per the latest reports released by CMR, claimed that the average usage of smartphones by Indians has increased by 25% than usual. It was concluded that Indians are using gadgets for almost seven to eight hours a day, than the usual hours.

Smartphones usage
Smartphones usage increases in India


Are you one of the victims? Let’s analyze ourselves. Do you start using your smartphone just after waking up? Or have a habit of opening it every five minutes? If not, you are safe and continue to read about the other case.

Speaking of facts, the 20th century has made everyone rely on electronic gadgets, especially more during this pandemic period. So we guess, our reasons are valid. But what about the U.S, UK people. Well, as we can, they tend to use more gadgets than us.

The handset maker Vivo has been conducting the survey for the past few years. A recent study reveals that the average time spent on smartphones in a single day has been increased, and now the average usage is growing up to 11%. In 2019, the same survey was taken and recorded that the average usage hours was only 4.9. But when it was estimated in March 2020, 5.5 hours usage is the increased valuation. CMR published this article to showcase the smartphone’s influence upon people in 2020, and titled “Smartphones and their impact on human relationships in 2020”

What is the article about?


It gave a clear study of Indians’ smartphone usage. Stating that the average time of smartphone consumption in a day has been increasing since March 2020. Twenty-five percent to 6.9 hours from the month of April. Furthermore, it explained that Indians’ boom in smartphone usage in 2020 is mainly due to work from home employments and online classes. The survey included calls as an increase in a sixty-three percent, whereas OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar has been increased with a fifty-nine percent rate on the recent smartphone usage estimation.

Smartphones usage
Indians using smartphones at a railway station

Coming to the other factors, the article has evidently shown that two thousand users of age from fifteen to forty years old people are concerned. Smartphone users from Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and from a few top cities across India have been reported prone. And it calculated that out of 1.3 billion people, 70 percent male and 30 percent female are frequent smartphone users in 2020.

What is the purpose of this unforeseen survey?

The director of this survey expressed his deliberation of people’s lives in the era, that ruled by smartphones. He said that the overuse of smartphones in any situation, especially like COVID, would lead to harm.


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