India Ranks In The Top List Of Highest Deaths Due To Coronavirus.


India ranks in the top list of highest deaths due to coronavirus. On Wednesday, India has reached over 150,114 deceased cases based on the pandemic. To be clear, we lost over one lakh fifty thousand souls in 2020. The Ministry of Health and Family welfare reports that India recorded over 264 new Coronavirus related cases in the last 24 hours. Having said that, India confirms with over 10.4 million fresh cases, with over 10 million deceased cases.

Keeping the tally into account, India stands at the third position with over 1,50,000 deceased cases. Meanwhile, the first and second places go to the United States and Brazil respectively. On the other hand, with more number of confirmed cases, the United States, India, and Brazil top the list.

Coronavirus deceased cases

So here is the list of countries with top deceased cases:


Even with a plethora of vaccine campaigns, coronavirus cases are still rising drastically.

The United States: As I already mentioned, the US tops both the highest deceased as well as confirmed cases. Currently, the US holds over 32 thousand deaths in the last 24 hours. In overall count, there are more than 21,045,500 cases, with over 357,166 deaths.

Brazil: According to John Hopkins University, it reports 7,810,440 coronavirus reported cases. Meanwhile, the final count states over 200,000 deceased cases, and 197,732 fresh cases.

Mexico: Although, Mexico doesn’t stand among the highest cases, but with the highest deaths. Yes, Mexico attains the fourth spot of maximum deceased cases. As per the reports from John Hopkins University, Mexico records over 128,822 deaths. Therefore the total number of confirmed cases is 1,500,490.


Russia: Even though, with the introduction of many vaccines, such as the first vaccine; Sputnik, it still ranks the top position with the maximum number of deaths. It is the world’s largest as well as has the highest number of deaths. So far, Russia’s coronavirus deaths’ count is 58,709. Accordingly, the country holds a record of 3,250,713 confirmed cases.

People getting shots despite the surge in deaths.

United Kingdom: Of course, the UK variant is well recognized, lately. On the other hand, the United Kingdom holds the fifth position with the maximum number of deaths. Currently, there are more than 76,428 deceased cases. With a tally of over 2,782,709 confirmed cases.

France and Italy: As far as we all know, that in the earlier stage, France, Spain, and Italy were the worst-hit countries. Having said that, Italy heads the list with over 76,330 deceased cases. In the contrast, France holds a record of 66,417 deaths due to coronavirus.

List of states with the maximum number of deaths in India:

Well in the case of India, Maharashtra tops the list with the maximum deaths of 49,825 people. Followed by Karnataka and Andra Pradesh with over 12,124 and 7,125 deceased cases respectively. Subsequently, Tamil Nadu and Kerala follow the account.


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