India, China Keep Supply Chains, Flights Open, Say Covid “Common Enemy”


India is dealing with a very deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic at this point. The situation is really critical. Moreover, thousands of people are losing their lives every day. Keeping the situation in mind, India and China have decided to keep their supply chains open.

International Support to India 

During these critical times, India is receiving global support. Various countries of the world are coming forward to help India in every possible way they could. Some are providing financial support, while others are providing materialistic support. Tons of oxygen and emergency medical supplies are being imported to India.


US, UAE, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, and many more countries are providing aid. China has also come forward and proposed to open the supply chain. The situation in India is extremely sensitive now. Hospitals don’t have beds, medical supplies, oxygen supplies, etc. Crematoriums are all collapsed. People are dying as they don’t get a bed in the hospital. Some are dying due to a lack of oxygen supply. The situation is extremely disheartening.

India, China Keep Supply Chains, Flights Open, Say Covid "Common Enemy"
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China comes Forward to Help India 

Foreign minister S. Jaishankar had a telephonic conversation with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. The conversation was initiated from the Chinese side. Henceforth, they convey their sympathy and solidarity with India. Ministry of External Affairs said that China is lending a helping hand to India in critical times. The two countries also restated the need for synchronization on a rigorous response to the pandemic. India needs to keep its global supply chain open so that other countries could help in times of need.

India Praises China’s Support 


S. Jaishankar appreciated China’s efforts in helping India battle the second wave of the pandemic. He also mentioned that the government is determined to do everything that is necessary. S. Jaishankar also highlighted the fact that India is already processing to import raw materials and suppliers from China. He also emphasized the need for serious international cooperation. Transport corridors and cargo flights would be open between the two countries. Essential logistics support would also be guaranteed expeditiously.

India, China Keep Supply Chains, Flights Open, Say Covid "Common Enemy"
Source: New Indian Express

India-China Supply Chain

Wang Yi has agreed to all that S. Jaishankar had mentioned. Additionally, he mentioned that Covid is a common enemy of humankind. We all have to combat it as one entity. Besides that, he has ensured that China will provide all the supplies to India without any delay. Airports and customs are directed to facilitate a smooth supply of goods. Wang Yi also stated that China would provide further appropriate assistance whenever needed. Their sympathy and good wishes are with India right now.

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