Imran Khan consumed cannabis and cocaine during his playing career, claims Sarfraz Nawaz


Former Pakistani fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz made a shocking revelation about Pakistan’s Prime Minister and the 1992 World Cup-winning captain, Imran Khan. In a conversation with a Pakistani news channel, Nawaz claimed that he had seen Khan use drugs during his playing career. He also mentioned that Khan had consumed cannabis and cocaine in 1987.

The video of Nawaz’s claims have since gone viral all over social media. In the video Nawaz says that Imran Khan had been consuming cannabis and has done it in London as well as at Nawaz’s home. In 1987, when Pakistan went against England in a cricket match and didn’t perform well, he came along with other players and had consumed charas in his Islamabad house. He also mentioned that (Imran) Khan would roll something and snort it, back in London.

Imran Khan
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Sarfraz Khan was Imran Khans bowling partner during the 70’s and 80’s. During his international career, he represented Pakistan in 55 Tests and 45 ODI’s.

Many people saw Imran Khan consuming drugs: Nawaz

He also said that that he isn’t the only one who has seen Khan consume drugs. He mentioned that other players including Mudassar, Mohsin Khan, Abdul Qadir, Salim Malik also knew of Khan’s drug consumption. Nawaz has said that if the claims he made were false, then Imran was free to bring him to court. He said, “Bring him in front of me and let’s see if he denies it”. He alleged that there were many other eyewitnesses in London and that he isn’t the only one.

This is not the first time a former Pakistani cricketer has attacked Imran Khan. Javed Miandad, Pakistani cricket legend also accused Imran Khan of disrupting the state of affairs of cricket in Pakistan.  He accused Khan for opting foreigners in several key positions in the Pakistan Cricket Board over countrymen.


Miandad was also disappointed by the decision of appointing Wasim Khan as the managing director of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

“You appointed a foreigner on a key position. What will happen when he flees the country after doing corruption? Is there a shortage of people in your own country that you had to bring people from abroad to work in the PCB,” Miandad said.

In his official Youtube channel, Miandad claimed that all the PCB officials didn’t know the basics of the sport. He also said that he would talk to Imran Khan personally over the sad state of affairs of Pakistan cricket. Furthermore, he added that he would not leave anyone that is not right for their country.

Source: Hindustan Times

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