Hyundai Motors to Launch Flying Cars in 2025, Know the Details Here


Hyundai Motors and Global Motors are quite serious about developing flying vehicles. We have always seen in sci-fi movies or fantasized about flying cars. It was a picture in everyone’s mind that the future will witness flying vehicles. So, I guess, this is the future. We are about to witness flying cars soon.

General Motors and Hyundai to Launch Air Vehicles Soon

Hyundai Motors is planning to come up with flying taxis before 2025. On the other hand, global motors said that it will take them at least 9 years to come up with flying vehicles. This is great news. We will soon witness flying cars in the air. Hyundai is quite optimistic to have an operational air taxi service in 2025. Moreover, it is also ahead of the schedule for air mobility vehicle launches. Jose Munoz, the company’s CEO, hinted towards these flying taxi initiatives.


Hyundai Motors to Launch Flying Cars in 2025
Source: KoreaTech Today

The Company is Very Confident About the Technology 

Munoz is also the CEO of the Hyundai facility in North America. He has earlier stated that these urban air taxis will first operate at major US airports in 2028 or possibly earlier. In the Reuters Events Cars of the Future Conference, he hinted at this possibility in 2025. Hyundai is all ready to introduce flying taxis at the US airport in 2025. This is indeed a market growth opportunity. Munoz also said that he is very confident about this new technology.

More Details About the Hyundai Flying Taxis


Hyundai is developing a battery-operated electric air taxi. It is suitable for five to six people. The air taxi will transport people from the heavily congested city center to major US airports. Moreover, the company has an Urban Air Mobility Division. Jaiwon Shin, a former NASA engineer leads the division. Hyundai has already invested $1.5 billion in the development of these air taxis before 2025.

Hyundai Motors to Launch Flying Cars in 2025
Source: Automotive News Europe

What is General Motors Planning to Come Up With? 

Just like Hyundai, General Motors is also coming up with flying vehicles. In the CES January event, the company showcased a self-driving vehicle that travels in the air. The vehicle takes off and lands vertically. It is designed to travel from one urban rooftop to another at a speed up to 55 miles per hour. However, this flying vehicle technology is a very new space. A lot of work is left undone. It will take some time to launch. Global Motors stated that they will come up with this technology in 2030. Whereas, Hyundai is ready to launch its air taxi in 2025. Toyota and other global automobile companies are also planning to develop flying vehicles.

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