How I Met Your Mother and it’s Top 10 Unforgettable Moments


In 2030, an old man sat down to tell his two kids the story of how he met their mother. What began as a story went on for nine years leaving fans with some truly memorable sitcom moments and some really, really quotable lines!

How I Met Your Mother tells the story of Ted (Josh Radnor), an architect looking for his one true love in New York City. He lives with his best friend Marshall, (Jason Segel) who is engaged to Lily (Alyson Hannigan). Their friend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is a playboy who likes to come up with complicated strategies to woo a girl. In the first episode, we meet Robin (Cobie Smulders), a girl Ted falls for. They all soon become good friends and hang out at the bar regularly. Needless to say, they become more than friends, a family. And this family lived with its fans for several years.

How I Met Your Mother hit our screens in 2005 and till now, we can still see people talking about it and quoting it everywhere. The show became much popular due to its amazing characters, their brilliant chemistry, and their unforgettable antics. It perfectly filled the gap that FRIENDS had left us with. Some would even say that How I Met Your Mother chose a better place to hang out at. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t wanna hang out at McLaren’s?

Over its nine-season run, How I Met Your Mother has given us some fantastic moments. From the fantastic music to some of the best catchphrases and running gags, this show redefined sitcoms in several ways. Even though its final season, especially its finale has polarized viewers, fans still rewatch several moments of the show because of how awesome they are. Today we look back at some of our favorite How I Met Your Mother moments. Some of them are hilarious; some of them can also break your hearts. Keep reading to know them all.

Needless to say, all of these are LEGEND-wait-for-it-DARY!

Also, spoilers if you haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother

Top 10 Unforgettable How I Met Your Mother moments:

Honorable Mentions

Now we know everyone has their own memories with How I Met Your Mother and your favorite ten moments may not even be here. Here are a few honorable mentions which didn’t make the final cut.

The Doppelgangers

Barney’s Get Psyched Mix

Ted’s first kiss with Robin

Oh, Honey! (with Katy Perry)

You can call me Beercules


The Naked Man


The Cockamouse

The Platinum Rule

The 2-minute Date

I know it still doesn’t cover them all, but what can we say! It was hard for us too.

And the 10th spot in the actual list of Top 10 Unforgettable How I Met Your Mother moments are –

10. Victoria drops a major truth-bomb on Ted

We can all agree Victoria was one of best girls in Ted’s life. In the Season 7 episode, Ducky Tie, we see one of Ted’s former girlfriend, Victoria comes back. Ted tried to hit it off with her once again but she tells him that she is going to get married. It’s not a surprise that the latter seasons dragged on a bit.

Season 7 saw Robin having a confusing relationship with Ted and Barney. The three of them hung out together and yet there wasn’t anything weird. It was until Victoria’s return which answered the awkwardness. The episode ends with Victoria dropping some major truths on Ted. She said that Robin is bigger than he realizes in his world. She mentions that the way the three of them – Barney, Robin, and Ted hang out like buddies, isn’t normal. This is a very underrated moment of the show. The viewers realize that How I Met Your Mother isn’t about Ted meeting his future wife, but rather about him moving on from Robin. Not to mention, this episode also features Barney’s overly drawn plot to see Lily’s breasts.

9. The death of Marshall’s father

The season 6 episode “Bad News” brings one of the saddest moments of the show in a complete twist. The whole episode shows a countdown from 50 to 1. 1 being the last number that is shown after which Marshall learns of his father’s death. At the end of the episode, Marshall, who feared bad news finally receives news that he is fertile and is completely fine. He then calls his father to tell the good news but nobody is on the other side to answer the call. He soon receives the news and breaks down. The episode ends with him saying, “I am not ready for this” and to be honest, none of us were either at that time.

The episode follows up with “ Last Words” around Marshall’s father’s funeral. In this episode, Marshall keeps searching for the last words his father told him. While he was searching for something thoughtful like his brothers did, he stays content with “Rent Crocodile Dundee 3. I caught it on the cable last night and it totally holds up”. This two-episode arc is as heartwarming as it is hilarious. The episode also ends with Barney calling up his mom revealing that he is ready to meet his father.

8. Robin Sparkles

A big reveal in How I Met Your Mother was the reveal of Robin Sparkles, Robin’s pop-star alter ego. In the second season episode “Slap Bet”, the gang tries to uncover Robin’s fear of malls. This also leads to a bet (yes we know, it’s that one bet) between Marshall and Barney. Marshall says that Robin was married in a mall while Barney says it’s something to do with pornography). In the end, we find out that Robin was a famous teen pop-star in Canada. She became huge for her song “Let’s Go To the Mall” which she performed in numerous concerts. Due to this, she develops a fear for malls. Robin’s pop persona, Sparkles appear again in future episodes. In the end, her pop persona evolves into grunge and she calls herself ‘Robin Daggers’.

7. Slap Bet

The discovery of Robin Sparkles also started another running gag in the show – The self-titled bet between Marshall and Barney, the Slap Bet. When Robin lies to them that she got married in a mall and hence has a phobia of them, Marshall slaps Barney. Later they find out that Robin was never married. Barney soon discovers a video that starts with Robin giving porno vibes.

As Ted turns off the video, Barney slaps Marshall back. Robin goes on to play the video where it is revealed that she is not a pornstar, but a teen pop star. This leads to the slap commissioner, Lily making new rules under which Marshall would get to slap nine times anytime he wishes. This has led to some of the most amazing slaps and even Thanksgiving-themed slaps known as ‘Slapsgiving’ with their horror-style sequels. Marshall landed the final slap during Barney’s wedding to Robin.

6. Ted being always there for Robin

Some of the show’s most unforgettable moments are also its most heartwarming ones. The season 7 episode, “Symphony of Illumination” opens with Robin telling her future kids about how she met their father. According to the story, the father is Barney. In the episode, Robin believes that she is pregnant with Barney’s child. Later in the episode, we find out that Robin isn’t pregnant and as a matter of fact, she can never have a baby. Robin never wanted kids but the idea of not having the chance to have a kid depresses her. She hides it from her friends and tells them she is sad because she can never be a professional pole-vaulter. Later on, Ted realizes something is wrong with Robin and he keeps pestering her to tell him.

An upset Robin leaves the apartment to be alone. It is revealed that the kids aren’t real and it’s all just in Robin’s head as she sits down on a park bench alone. When she comes back, she sees the apartment fully decorated with beautiful lights. Ted comes out and tells her that it’s alright if she doesn’t want to tell him what’s wrong but he would never stop cheering her up. The episode drops subtle hints on Ted’s still relevant feelings for Robin and his relentlessness to make Robin happy, whenever he can.

The episode ends with Ted saying, “Your aunt Robin could never become a pole-vaulter, but she did become a famous journalist, a successful businesswoman, a world traveler. But there’s one thing your Aunt Robin never was, she was never alone.” It all played out with AC/DC’s Highway to Hell in the background and still managed to make people cry.

5. Barney’s Outrageously Overly Complicated Ploys to Hookup


Throughout the show, we see Barney going to ridiculous heights to woo a girl. He even has his Playbook where he jotted down his numerous ‘plays’ to spend the night with a woman. Of course, it is a parody of the bar-pickup and hookup culture. Harris, who is gay in real life, makes the best out of his role and gets his spot to display his outstanding comedic chops with his over-the-top playboy character. Barney has impersonated an old man, an astronaut, a genie and even Ted Mosby in an attempt to pick up women in the show. In the season 5 episode aptly titled ‘The Playbook’, we finally see the Playbook, and a lot of the moves come into action.

Of course, Barney doesn’t stay a womanizer the whole time. Throughout the series, he develops into a nicer man who falls in love with Robin. At the end of How I Met Your Mother, we see him become a single father and finally give up his playboy antics. As he holds his baby daughter for the first time, he says, “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever.” Fans never expected to see Barney grow up so much and well, some of us saw his future in a different war, it’s still not a bad way to go.

4. Meet the Mother

After eight long seasons, we finally get to see the mother. She was teased multiple times throughout How I Met Your Mother, with Ted finding her yellow umbrella, accidentally teaching an Economics class where she was present, and seeing a glimpse of her feet. But at the end of the season eight finale “Something New”, we see Cristin Milioti appear as the mother. The episode reflects on the individual decisions everyone in the gang has to face. Lily gets a job in Italy while Marshall gets an offer to be a judge, something he has been working for. Barney and Robin are preparing to get married while Ted, who seemingly is OK with it all, is secretly planning to move to Chicago.

He reveals to Lily that he put the house he was working on for sale and that he would catch a train to Chicago right after the wedding. He believes that the girl he has been looking for all his life was not just in New York, but was getting married to his best friend, Barney. The episode ends with a close-up on all their faces as we see all of them thinking about what’s to come.

Backed by The Shins’ The Simple Song, the moment serves as a special reminder to the audience that the gang has gone through so much in their lives to finally arrive at that moment, especially Ted. He is sad, happy, and unsure about the future. And the next moment we see Cristin Milioti appear as the Mother with the yellow umbrella in her hands.

3. Barney’s Final Play

This two-episode arc has Barney at his most vulnerable. Barney is now dating Robin’s co-worker Patrice and it angers Robin. In the first episode, we see Ted trying to impress his architecture professor Vinick and getting him to like his new building. After numerous attempts, Ted realizes he has to move on. At the end of the episode, Barney, who was jinxed for the whole episode, tricks Ted into unjinxing him. Barney shows Ted a ring and reveals to him that he is planning to ask Patrice to marry him.

In the second part of the episode, Ted invites Robin to be his date to his building’s opening. Enroute, Ted drops her at the World Wide News building where Barney intends to propose Robin. She goes upstairs and finds no sign of Patrice. She does find a piece of paper from The Playbook named ‘The Robin’. Here Barney elaborates on another plan of his which involved pretending to be in a relationship with Patrice and doing things in a way to make Robin realize her love for him. In the end, Barney proposes to Robin, who says yes. The show finally answered the long-anticipated will they, won’t they between Barney and Robin but does give us a very sad moment.

While the couples Barney-Robin and Marshall-Lily are happily together staring at the snow, Ted stares outside the building that he designed, lonely and uncertain.

2. Marshall marries Lily

One of the best arcs of How I Met Your Mother, this covers the final three episodes of the second season and ends with another shocker. Throughout the three episodes, a lot of things happen. Barney appears in The Price is Right to meet Bob Barker, who he delusionally believes to be his father. It ends with him winning a dune buggy for Marshall and Lily.

The second episode “Something Borrowed” takes place a few minutes before the wedding and nothing goes according to plan. Harris’ real-life partner, David Burtka appears as Lily’s ex, Scooter who attempts to ruin the wedding. A lot of things go wrong at the wedding but Barney again manages to rescue them as he officiates the wedding. Marshall and Lily have the sweetest moments in the show and them coming together regardless of all the chaos that goes down at the wedding made every one of us believe in the power of love.

After they get married, in the final episode “Something Blue”, the couple goes down to try burgers. The receptionist tells Marshall that “his wife just threw up”, to which Marshall smiles and repeats “my wife.” This episode also reveals that Robin and Ted have broken up. They have kept it a secret because of the marriage and they reveal it to Barney at the end. Barney smokes a cigar with Ted while Robin is asked to dance by a little young man.

1. Under the yellow umbrella, at the Farhampton station

The season finale of How I Met Your Mother has divided fans. Many didn’t like how the show ended with the Mother dying of a critical illness and Ted going back to Robin. Fans were disappointed that after nine seasons of moving on from Robin, he had to go back. Even though, many felt the ending wasn’t earned, it is still undisputed that Cristin Milioti gave a wonderful performance as the mother. A lot of expectations were riding on the mother and after her reveal in Season 8, fans couldn’t wait to find out how she was.

And boy, what a delight it was to watch Milioti. Not only did she stand on people’s expectations, but even people who hate the final season would also agree that she was one of the best parts of the final season. The episode “How Your Mother Met Me” is one of the best from the underwhelming season 9 and her rendition of La Vie en Rose is still in fan’s heads. Fans even agree that the show would have had a much larger impact, had it ended at the station when Ted and the Mother finally meet.

This is the moment that fans were waiting for such a long time. We finally see Ted move on from Robin and ready to move to Chicago to start a new beginning. He meets the Mother at the station and recognizes her as the bass player at the wedding. He gathers up the courage to talk to her and man, their chemistry just takes off. Radnor and Milioti both have outstanding on-screen chemistry and their conversation under the umbrella sounded genuine, funny and felt like the perfect way to end the nine-season tale of how Ted met the mother of his children, Tracy McConnell.

What are your favorite How I Met Your Mother moments?

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