Hong Kong Reports First Locally Transmitted Case in 58 Days


Hong Kong has reported its 1st locally transmitted COVID-19 case in about 58 days. The country was doing well in keeping the virus at bay. Moreover, it was almost prepared to reopen its territory for tourists. But this new event might lead to a change of plans.

After Remaining Covid-Free for 2 Months, Hong Kong Reports First Locally Transmitted Case

Hong Kong reports its 1st local COVID-19 case in about 58 days. The city-state was doing quite well and was able to remain Covid-free for almost two months. Moreover, the government was planning to reopen the land for tourists. But it seems that things are going to change now. A 43-year-old man from Sham Hui Po has tested positive for COVID-19 with no symptoms and no travel history. This implies that the virus is now transmitting locally and people need to worry. Although the man has no symptoms and travel history, health experts have detected COVID-19 antibodies in his blood. Besides that, the man isn’t yet vaccinated against COVID-19.


Hong Reports First Locally Transmitted Case in 58 Days
Source: CGTN

Authorities Tested the Man Twice for Confirmation

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP), Hong Kong said that the man tested negative for the virus since May this year. On Tuesday, the man tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, although he wasn’t showing any symptoms. However, the experts advised undergoing the man through another clinical test. And he tested positive again for the virus. Now that the man has tested positive, his family, colleagues, relatives, and everyone he met will have to quarantine. They will also have to get themselves tested for the virus.

Hong Kong was All Set to Welcome Tourists from August 9


This locally transmitted case is a setback for Hong Kong. As the country was about to open its territory for tourists; they will have to rethink it. They were planning to allow vaccinated citizens from about 10 countries; to enter their land from August 9. However, they will now have to come up with another plan; after remaining Covid-free for two straight months.

Hong Reports First Locally Transmitted Case in 58 Days
Source: Hong Kong Free Pass

The country was going to open up its borders for Canadian and American citizens from August 9. Besides that, fully vaccinated citizens from India and the UK; were also allowed to visit the country. So far, 2.6 million Hongkongers are vaccinated against COVID-19. Schools and other educational institutions in the country are also reopening from September

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