Higurashi When They Cry New Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers


Rika awakens in another world where she met with Hanyuu asking her what’s going on. Hanyuu clarifies that it’s her one of the sections connected to the horde universes. Rika revealed to Hanyuu that she couldn’t care less about who Hanyuu is she is happy that she can converse with her. Rika inquires as to whether she passed and Hanyuu said that she doesn’t have a genuine response for that. Rika asks her where the shard lead her to and Hanyuu repled June 1983.Today we will discuss Higurashi: When They Cry – NEW Episode 3 Release Date, Preview, and Recap. We don’t know about legitimate approaches to watch this Anime.

higurashi when they cry

 PLOT Higurashi: When They Cry

Rika is cheerful that now she knows it all and the standards of Hinamizawa. She likewise realizes who murdered Rika Furude and she revealed to Hanyuu that they have just won their future previously and she will get it back. Back to the no-section zone, Rika observes Rena conveying something like a blade. Rena needed to execute Keiichi who has found the homicide that occurred at the dam.


Higurashi: When They Cry – NEW Episode 3 


The episode will be out on Thursday, 15 October 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. We encourage you to change over the opportunity to your nearby an ideal option for you to get another scene and updates on the schedule. This post may contain spoilers of the following scene lookout when you continue. Investigate the recap and review beneath.

 Higurashi: When They Cry – NEW Episode 2

Keiichi didn’t know about anything he just observed a shadow emerging a blade meaning to execute him. Keiichi turns around, and Rena falls on her back. Rena apologizes and saying that she didn’t intend to startle him Keiichi doesn’t know that he was going to be executed. Just Rika saw everything and Keiichi conceal the book that he was finding out about the homicide case. Rena changes the point to befuddle Keiichi, and she figures out how to pull it off.

Keiichi gets the weapon that Rena needed to use to execute him and he just took a gander at it. Keiichi, without knowing anything he guarantees Rena that they will return tomorrow and continue doing what Rena needs. It is 16 June 1983 Keiichi went to a class in the first part of the day, and he is exhausted by how individuals are doing their P.E. After school Keiichi went with Rena to a no-section zone once more.


He inquires as to whether he can assist her with conveying her blade she cannot and said she is okay. The two of them began searching for her Kenta Statues, and they figure out how to discover it Rena is upbeat that they find it out. The two of them convey the sculpture to Rena’s home, and the following day in the first part of the day Keiichi feels dubious about the picture taker he met recently.

On Sunday 19 June 1983 the Hinamizawa celebration began around evening time, and the two of them play out all the play and thoroughly take care of the festival. Rika went to the stage and performed respecting the Hinamizwa. After the celebration, a few penances need to occur; however, the celebration is as yet going on. Jiro met with a woman they are planning some mischief in the interim; the festival is going to end.

NEW Episode 3 Preview

Because of the youtube most recent review and that is the thing that we have today about the updates of this Anime. The following updates will be accessible when the scene is delivered.


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