Havana Syndrome: A Mysterious Disease Noticed in US Diplomats


Havana Syndrome, a new mysterious disease has left several US diplomats with severe illness. They are experiencing headaches, nausea, fever, etc. However, some experts believe that this syndrome is a sustainable attack involving weapons, we are not quite sure about it. There are several theories regarding this mysterious disease including microwave, ultrasound, reactions to crickets, etc.

US Diplomats Witness Cases of Havana Syndrome

A mysterious disease, Havana Syndrome is raising concerns in the United States. There are several theories related to this syndrome including microwaves, poison, ultrasound, and even crickets. Although some experts believe that this is a sustainable attack involving weapons, we need more details on it. US Vice-President Kamala Harris delayed her flight to Vietnam for several hours. However, the US embassy in Hanoi reported to her about some “acoustic incidents” happening there. Kamala Harris did go to Hanoi after it was unofficially confirmed that a mysterious fever has taken over the city.


Havana Syndrome: A Mysterious Disease Noticed in US Diplomats
Source: Health Magazine

Is it a New Disease and What are its Symptoms?

People need to understand that the Havana Syndrome is not new. The US Diplomats have reported dozens of cases of this syndrome since 2016. Firstly, in Cuba; secondly in China, and then in Germany, Australia, Taiwan, and Washington DC. Moreover, the media reported some new cases of this disease in July 2021, in Vienna, Austria. The exact number of cases is not yet disclosed for security reasons. The symptoms of the Havana Syndrome are as follows:

  1. Fever
  2. Hearing a sharp, high-pitched sound
  3. Nausea
  4. Bloody nose
  5. Headache
  6. Concussions

What Causes the Havana Syndrome?


There are several theories that revolve around the cause of the Havana Syndrome. Some people link it to crickets, poisons, and even ultrasounds. However, a study in 2020 revealed that this disease has symptoms like no other disorder. It has a completely distinctive set of symptoms that are never seen or heard before. Moreover, it’s not like there is no study conducted on this syndrome. There are various studies conducted on this mysterious disease but the experts have reached no authentic conclusion.

Havana Syndrome: A Mysterious Disease Noticed in US Diplomats
Source: Utkal Today

The most uncommon among all the symptoms is the hearing of a sharp, high-pitched sound. In this regard, the National Academy of Sciences explained that it is because of pulsed, directed microwaves. Although there are a lot of theories revolving around it, the microwave one makes sense. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is conducting a detailed study on this issue.

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