Hathras Case: The Victim’s Family Wants the Allahabad HC To Take The Case Out of UP’s Hold


Hathras case reached Allahabad High Court after weeks of wait. The family which should feel safe under the law is anything but that. The CBI probe into the case might have given them some hope. However, looks like they are so deep in the clutches of fear that they don’t want anything related to the state. According to the latest news, the family wants the case taken out of UP. This shows that after weeks of pleas, they don’t trust with Uttar Pradesh police anymore. The UP government and the police did their best in making the family know that they are not by their side. Hence, the latest request is for Allahabad High Court to take over the case.

Hathras case asked to be taken over by Allahabad HC
Source: Outlook India

Allahabad HC is their hope now for the ongoing Hathras case


The family of the dead victim appeared before the High Court on October 1, 2020. They stood before the Bench of Justices Pankaj Mithal and Rajan Roy. The Dalit teenager’s parents and siblings were present, along with Additional Chief secretary, ADG, DGP, Hathras DM, and SP. The bench asked about the cremation process which received roaring backlash. In response, the DM told the court that the decision to cremate the body at night came as a result of the law and order preservation step. The state authorities did not force them to do so.

Statements like this have made the family ask for higher authorities to look into the case. The family’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha said, “We have requested that the case be shifted out of UP. We have also requested the court to provide security for the family until the trial is completed.”


The next date for the hearing is fixed on November 2, 2020.

Hathras case asked to be taken over by Allahabad HC
The victim’s family coming to the court

The family reached the court amid tight security

The victim’s family is vulnerable, to say the least. Previously, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad appealed for the CBI to provide them with the tightest security. This is what we saw when the family reached the court. The family has been grieving their daughter’s brutal rape and murder that happened on September 14. Many politicians, the public have protested in support of the family. They have voiced out their concern over Yogi Adtyanath’s rule. The Hathras case shocks the Allahabad court, to say the least. We hope that the CBI probe and the HC give them rightful answers and concrete justice that no one can compensate for what they lost, but they rightfully deserve for all the agony they’ve gone through.


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