Google Play Store Removes 9 Malicious Apps, Were Stealing Users Facebook Login Credentials


Google has removed nine applications from its Play Store after it was found out that they leak user’s Facebook login credentials. The apps look like very basic and simple everyday apps. But they leak all the data that you have stored on your mobile. Apps like Rubbish Cleaner and Horoscope Daily are also included in this list. We will let you about the other applications as well in this article.

Google Play Store Removes 9 Malicious Apps, Were Stealing Users Facebook Login Credentials
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Experts Ask Google to Remove Nine Malicious Apps from its Play Store


Google removed nine malicious applications from its Play Store in order to ensure user safety. According to sources, the apps were leaking the user’s Facebook login credentials. Researchers and analysts found nine such apps that are a major threat to an individual’s phone. Moreover, these apps look like just the other regular applications on your phone. You won’t even notice and these apps will leak all your passwords. Experts have warned users to remain extra careful while downloading any new application.

List of the Applications 

The nine applications removed from Google Play Store are as follows:

  1. Processing Photo
  2. App Lock Keep
  3. Rubbish Cleaner
  4. Horoscope Daily
  5. Horoscope Pi
  6. App Lock Manager
  7. Lockit Master
  8. Inwell Fitness
  9. PIP Photo

These apps are responsible for leaking user’s Facebook login information. Besides that, these apps provide options to users for disabling ads and directing them to a fake Facebook login portal. However, these apps had a JavaScript command that stole all their data.

How do these Apps Steal User’s Facebook Login Credentials? 


When users use these applications, they ask them to log in to their Facebook accounts in order to remove ads. However, users fall prey to such claims and fill in their Facebook login information. It is a fake login portal that steals all the user’s information. Besides that, they also steal browser cookies from, authorization sessions. Henceforth, when Google came to know about this wrongdoing, it immediately suspended all these apps from the Play Store.

Google Play Store Removes 9 Malicious Apps, Were Stealing Users Facebook Login Credentials

Think Twice Before Downloading Anything from Play Store

Experts have warned the users not to click on any random link. Besides that, before downloading any app from Play Store, they should make sure that it is safe. Moreover, do not download any app from an unknown developer. The PIP Photo app had the maximum number of downloads. Anyone who has installed any of these apps, quickly remove them from your device. Make sure to check your Facebook account for any suspicious behavior.

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