Girl from Nowhere Season 3: Is the Series Renewed for Another Season?


Fans are curiously waiting for Girl from Nowhere season 3. Girl from Nowhere season 2 has just dropped, and fans are demanding another season. The Thai language anthology series is much loved among viewers. Has Netflix renewed the series for a third season? And if so, when will it stream? What will happen in the third installment? How will the story develop? There are so many unanswered questions. In this article, we will deal with some of these questions.

Is Girl from Nowhere Renewed for Another Season? 

Girl from Nowhere season 3 is a mystery. Season 2 just premiered in May 2021. There are no updates regarding its renewal. Since season 2 has just aired, we aren’t expecting to see a new season anytime soon. There was a long gap between season 1 and season 2. We cannot predict the gap between the second and the third season.


Girl from Nowhere Season 3: Is the Series Renewed for Another Season?
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How Many Seasons of the Series are Streaming Currently?

So far, there are two seasons of Thai drama. Girl from Nowhere season 1 debuted in 2018. It took 3 years for the series to get renewed. After a three-year-long wait, season 2 premiered in May 2021. Both the seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. The series has a total of 21 episodes. On the other hand, the first season was a blockbuster. It was the most famous Netflix series at that time. People were crazy about the show. Hopefully, the fans will get a third season. Girl from Nowhere season 3 is expected to renew soon.

Will there be a Girl from Nowhere Season 3? 

Girl from Nowhere has managed to get good ratings. It scores 7.7/10 on IMDB and 8.5/10 on MyDramaList. This indicates that the show is quite popular and well-appreciated. Netflix doesn’t deliver the viewer membership for its series. Keeping the show’s popularity in mind, we can expect Girl from nowhere season 3. The good ratings indicate that the creators might produce more seasons. Certainly, fans are highly interested in Nanno’s life. They want to see her evolving season after season. Moreover, we hope that the show return for another season.

What is the Series All About? 


Girl from Nowhere revolves around Nanno, a schoolgirl who exposes the scandalous workings of different institutions. She frequently transfers to different schools in search of such immoral affairs. Nanno exposes everyone, from predatory teachers to abusive students. Moreover, it is rumored that the series is based on a real-life incident. The series depicts various scandalous cases. For example- rape, bullying, sexual abuse, academic cheating, etc.

Girl from Nowhere Season 3: Is the Series Renewed for Another Season?
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Expected Cast for Girl from Nowhere Season 3

The following cast is expected in Girl from Nowhere season 3:

  1. Kitty Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno
  2. Nink Chanya Mcclory as Yuri
  3. James Teeradon Supapunpiyo as Nanai
  4. Tai Penpak Sirikul as Miss Naruemon
  5. Patricia Tanchanok Good as Minnie
  6. Aim Bhumibhat Thavornsiri as Kaye
  7. May Patharawarin Timkul as Miss A
  8. Minnie Phantira Pipityakorn as Jane
  9. Yarinda Bunnag as Teacher Waan
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