Germany Planning Not to Make COVID-19 Vaccinations a Compulsion: Merkel


While other countries have made COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory for a certain population, Germany decides to take a different route. Angela Merkel, the country’s Chancellor said that they do not believe in making vaccines compulsory for their citizens.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Not Compulsory in Germany

Germany has decided not to make COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory for its citizens. However, several countries have made inoculations compulsory, not for everyone but a certain population. For example, healthcare workers in several countries are ordered to get necessarily vaccinated. But Germany’s strategy is very different. They have decided to take a different path and not follow what other countries are trying to do. Angela Merkel made a very important statement regarding this issue.


Germany Planning Not to Make COVID-19 Vaccinations a Compulsion: Merkel
Source: AP News

Angela Merkel Believes that they are Still in the First Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination Drive

Merkel highlighted the fact that they are still in the beginning phase of COVID-19 vaccinations. Germany is having more COVID-19 vaccines than the number of people who want t get vaccinated. The country is still promoting its vaccination drive. On her visit to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) public health agency, Merkel said that she intends not to make vaccinations compulsory.

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Germany


Germany began to vaccinate its citizens against COVID-19 early this year. But that was a very slow start to the country’s vaccination campaign. During summer, the vaccination campaign accelerated a bit but now, it has again slowed down. As of Tuesday, the country has vaccinated 42.6 percent of its adults. However, 58.5 percent of adults have received the first dose. But still, there is a long road to go. The country recorded its least ever vaccination on Monday since February this year.

Germany Planning Not to Make COVID-19 Vaccinations a Compulsion: Merkel
Source: DW

What did the Experts Suggest?  

Experts have called for a new and enhanced approach in order to inoculate its citizens. Germany needs to vaccinate at least 85 percent of its adults to obtain her immunity. Wolfram Henn, a member of the German Ethics Council advised making COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory for teachers. He emphasized that teachers have a special responsibility towards the country’s citizens. On the other hand, Merkel suggests that they should still advertise vaccinations. She wants people to become vaccine ambassadors from their own experiences.

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