Frozen 2: All Good Things Happening With Olaf, Iduna And Agnarr At The Forefront


Frozen 2 is a 2019 sequel movie to Elsa’s world of chaos and love. The paradoxical kingdom of Arendelle drove away some sinister villains in the first film, so it was pretty self-explanatory that the second film did that as well. Frozen 2 has crossed $1.450 billion at the box office. The earning is also well-deserved. Walt Disney Pictures has a reputation of going on a downhill with every passing sequel. Take the instance of Pocahontas, the second film felt like a rushed up piece. However, experts cannot say the same for Frozen 2. It became better, brighter, spiritual, and warmer.

I know, the warm one feels like such a paradox, with Elsa having ice powers and all, right? But, hey, this film is of paradoxes.

Frozen 2
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How was the film different from the original film?


Number one, the important one for any venture is the money. Frozen 2 ate up Frozen in terms of box office earning. The first film earned globally $1.280 billion with a $150 million budget. On the flip side, Frozen 2 earned $1.450 billion with the same budget. So, it is clear that people connected more with the second film than the first.

The second film showed us how the characters grew. Olaf, Kristoff, Anna (she didn’t look like she grew, but we ain’t judging), and Sven, they all grew. But, the major transformation was of Elsa’s. She connected with her roots, her intuition, her magic, and the four elements to become the better version of herself.

Frozen 2 had a connection to progression. We came to know more about Elsa’s and Anna’s parents. The film had better animation and soundtrack. The way Anna goes upfront to protect her sister shows a lot more understanding.

Okay, we take her not grown-up comment back.


Frozen 2
A prequel book is coming up

What’s new for Frozen 2? What’s coming?

The mystery of the dark forest and the magical sound that made us go deep into the past and story was out of the world. The world of Frozen does not stop. We have Olaf’s own thing. Yes, if you do not know, a new Olaf-centered short film coming up, called, Once Upon A Snowman. On the other hand, Mari Mancusi is busy with framing Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets: The Story of Iduna and Agnarr.

The book answers the unanswered questions. The prequel novel can form a follow-up for the film so that you can understand it better.

It’s an extension of the Frozen universe and readers will find tons of these over the book. Iduna and Agnarr’s story is beautiful, yet tragic and I think readers will recognize a lot of Elsa and Anna in both of them.

As reported by Collider, you can know more about it during Frozen Fan Fest during the weekend. The book will be yours on November 3. So, Frozen 2 did blow us wigs off and we had to take some time to settle it back. However, things seem to spice up more about the franchise, and ” we are talking all good things, all good things….”

If you know, you know!


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