French Citizens Stand Steadfast To Protest For The Wronged Teacher


French citizens are gathering to protest for the beheading of a French teacher. Samuel Paty was beheaded for his lesson on freedom of expression. Tons of parents wanted Paty out of the school or what he was preaching. French officials have detained nine people related to the case. However, the French citizens want justice for the wronged teacher. Samuel Paty is a victim of an “Islamist terror attack”. He was delivering a rightful lecture on the rights of freedom and the value of expressing yourself. Now, his pupils and thousands of people are doing exactly that.


French citizens are not afraid to protest for Paty
Source: City of Mozambique

French citizens are protesting in different French locations

Thousands of people have gathered together to mourn the loss. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, among other cities are under heavy demonstrations. French President Emmanuel Macron also ordered the expulsion of 231 nationals who identify as Islamic radicals. An 18-year-old Chechen origin teenager decapitated Samuel Paty. The political leaders as well as people from all across the nation cannot digest the painful death that the teacher had to endure. Samuel Paty discussed with his pupils the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo about Prophet Mohammad. He shared those cartoons in the context of freedom of expression. In 2015, Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at the office of this publication. This is the same instance.


Jean Castex, The Prime Minister, joined the French citizens in the protest against the killing of people. He also tweeted saying, “We are not afraid. You will not divide us. We are France.” Security chiefs are not hard at work to discuss the rising killing of people. Mr. Macron is staying ultra vigilant to notice the proceedings of this case and to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future. The spread of radical Islamism in France is on the rise. The practices include banning homeschooling, restricting certain religious and sporting groups.

French citizens are not afraid to protest for Paty
Source: Times of Malta

Charlie Hebdo history repeats again

This is the second instance of Islamic terrorism since the beginning of the rial in 2015. Then, 1.5 million people gathered to protest the deaths of Charlie Hebdo’s office workers. Now, some teenager, who believes in radicalism repeated history again. His parents, brother, and grandfather are among the people detained. People suspect that Mr. Chnina prompted the killing of Paty. He put up aa a post on social media. The French citizens are chanting slogans like “I am Samuel” just like people chanted “I am Charlie” for Charlie Hebdo. Thus, people want to make sure that they have freedom of expression and freedom to teach. Furthermore, people from all walks of life, from students to mothers, to teachers, to business people have come forward to plead before the government for their safety.


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