French Beheading Case Made Pakistan PM Imran Khan Accuse French President Of Generating Islamophobia


French beheading case has made everyone’s blood boil over. The case which made the French citizens lose his life is all over the news currently. Samuel Paty lost his life over teaching his students the freedom of expression. Allegedly, his usage of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of Prophet Mohammed made the Muslim people mad, and thus, many parents even asked for his expulsion from school. Consequently, a teenager of Chechen origin beheaded him. The case is globally termed as an Islamist terror attack. Following the killing, various French diplomats and politicians have been giving various statements to give Paty the justice he deserves. However, at the same time, the Muslim people again feel threatened. Following this, Pakistan PM Imran Khan accused the French President Emmanuel Macron of instigating islamophobia among people again.


Imran khan accuses Macron of creating Islamophobia due to french beheading case
Picture via Business Standard

French beheading case: Imran khan detested Macron’s public statements against Muslim people

Regarding the french beheading case, President Emmanuel Macron defended Samuel Paty. While this is correct for him to defend an innocent man, Pakistan PM Imran Khan feels that his statements are furthering hatred among people towards Islam. Macron’s support and defense of Mohammed’s cartoons and his biased statements towards Muslim people are waving of Islamophobia in France. Macron in a statement said, “France would not give up cartoons. Paty was killed because Islamists want our future.”


The statements while defending the French citizens on one hand are also endangering the other community on the other hand. Taking this matter, Imran Khan took to Twitter to acknowledge the hateful statements. In his tweet, he made it clear that French leaders should use this time to heal people of their fears, not instill fear in one significant sect.

The case is sparking communal hatred

As Imran Khan stated that the french beheading case is an act of animalistic behavior. However, his statements about cornering all people from the same community are not correct, either. Macron has sprouted some serious communal hatred through his statements. He even went on to say that Islam is a religion that is in crisis all around. To counter this and the french beheading case, Imran Khan wrote, “It is unfortunate that he has chosen to encourage Islamophobia by attacking Islam rather than the terrorists who carry out violence, be it Muslims, white supremacists or Nazi ideologists.”

The hate has caused a serious rift between France and Muslim countries. The way that this case happened cannot be justified. However, the hate which is already in full force all around also gets multiplied through the way the leaders chose to represent themselves and others.


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