France Files Ceasefire Resolution for Israel-Palestine Conflict, Egypt and Jordan Coordinate


France, in coordination with Egypt and Jordan, has filed for a ceasefire resolution at the United Nations. Their main motive is to seek peace between Israel and Palestine in the Gaza Strip.

France Proposes Resolution at the UN Security Council 

France has proposed a resolution at the United Nations Security Council. Egypt and Jordan have also joined the resolution. The three countries have proposed a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. It is high time both the countries should resolve their conflicts. French President Emmanuel Macron and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi coordinated the resolution first. Al-Sisi is in Paris currently for a summit on Africa. However, Jordan’s King Abdullah 2 also agreed on the resolution via a video conference.


France Files Ceasefire Resolution for Israel-Palestine Conflict, Egypt and Jordan Coordinate
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What does the Resolution Focus On? 

The resolution focuses on three main simple elements. Firstly, the shooting must stop. Already several people have died and lost their lives due to shootings. Secondly, the time for a ceasefire has come. It is high time. Both Israel and Palestine are fighting for over 10 days. They should make peace now. And thirdly, the UN Security Council must take the issue. France has taken the initiative and proposed the three elements. Egypt and Jordan have also supported the issue.

Israel-Palestine Conflict a Global Concern Now 


France was calling for a rapid ceasefire for several days. It also supports the Egypt-led mediation. Macron highlighted Egyptian mediation’s importance to Al-Sisi on Monday. Besides, these three countries, President Joe Biden has also dialed Israeli PM Netanyahu for a ceasefire. We can conclude that the Israel-Palestine conflict is a global concern now. World leaders are now coming forward to stop the ruthless ongoing battle between the two nations.

France Files Ceasefire Resolution for Israel-Palestine Conflict, Egypt and Jordan Coordinate
Source: Arab News

Besides France, Other Countries Also Proposed a Ceasefire

The UN Security Council has kept numb over the issue. It has failed to adopt a simple declaration over the conflict. The United States, a strong Israel ally, has rejected three statements. China, Norway, and Tunisia had proposed a draft statement that called for an end to the fight. However, the US rejected that draft statement. Hopefully, soon the Israel-Palestine conflict will come to an end. Since several world leaders are proposing a ceasefire, we can hope for some good news.

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