France Expands COVID-19 Drive to 12 to 18-Year-Olds


After the US and Germany, France will now vaccinate young teens. The country was facing a vaccine shortage lately. However, the supply is regulated now. All adults can now book a vaccination slot from this week. Even 12 to 18-year-olds can now get inoculated from June 15.

France to Start Vaccinating Young Teens 

France is not the only country to start vaccination for children. Several countries like the US, Canada, Germany, etc. are also vaccinating young teens. Vaccinating children is a big step towards herd immunity. The Coronavirus was not really active on kids earlier. But now the case is different. Even children are developing severe Covid now.


France Expands COVID-19 Drive to 12 to 18-Year-Olds
Source: BBC

Vaccinating children is an issue of global debate right now. Several countries across the globe are skeptical about vaccination. They are in a dilemma regarding who should get vaccinated first. Adults should get vaccinated first because they are more vulnerable to the virus. Or should the youth get vaccinated first?

Inoculation is Highly Effective in Diverting a New Wave 


France has just recovered from a third Covid wave. They are accelerating their vaccination drive before new infections ramp up. Macron mentioned that almost 50% of the French population have received their first vaccine dose. According to him, this is a great achievement. Vaccines supplies have increased sharply in France now. In order to protect the population from new variants, vaccination is quite necessary. Even after vaccination, people are required to wear face masks. Macron has urged people to remain extremely careful and vigilant.

France Expands COVID-19 Drive to 12 to 18-Year-Olds
Source: Science News For Students

Nationwide Lockdown Restrictions Curbed in France 

Macron came in contact with COVID-19 last year. Earlier this week, Macron and his wife have also received the jab. France is slowly recovering now. They are allowing indoor dining in restaurants from June 9. Cafes and restaurants can ow serve outside as well. The number of patients in the ICU is constantly decreasing. The pressure on hospitals has eased now. However, some restrictions will still continue. Moreover, they are going to have regional elections later this month. Besides that, the Presidential elections are scheduled for next year.

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