Florida Woman Discovers Decapitated Corpse On Beach, Later Revealed To Be Something Else


A woman received the shock of her life while walking down the beach in Florida. She thought that she found a dead, decapitated corpse washed down on the beach. This prompted another visitor to even call 911 in a panic. But her panic died down fast when they found out what the supposed corpse really is. It was only a store mannequin.

This news came on Monday from a Facebook post. An Ocean Hour volunteer Kathleen was walking the intercoastal side in Perdido Key. Perdido Key is located in Escambia County in Florida, US. As she was cleaning up the beach, she came across what she believed to be a dead body. According to the post, another caller had even called up 911. It was only until further investigation that she realized it was a mannequin. Ocean Hour shared the news on Monday.


Ocean Hour is an environmental non-profit organization based in Florida. They are aimed towards the cleanliness of oceans and water bodies and puts together beach cleanups across the state.

“How long has she been out in the water collecting barnacles and sea life? Way too long!” said the post. “We are glad it wasn’t a real body!”

At first glance, the body was difficult to identify owing to the sea damage. Barnacles and ferns covered the mannequin. From a distance, it does look like a decapitated body. This confused the woman and another onlooker in the Florida beach went ahead to call 911 dispatch.


However, after they investigated more, they saw a hole on the right foot which was clearly plastic.

Have a look at the Facebook post:

Even with the pictures, some of them taken from the back looks like that of a corpse. It is certainly possible for anyone to confuse it with a dead body in real life.

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