Fleabag Season 3: What’s Next For The British Arrangement?


Fleabag is one of the very famous black comedy British series that is the creation and writing of the very well known  Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The show first aired on July 16, 2016, and now the second season got over on 8th April 2019. So, it is natural that after 2 years of silence, what is in the store for the next season of the show. The show is however a great trophy bag and the show received the Golden Globe Award award too. The show bagged the Golden Globe for Best Television Series and Best Actress.

Why 'Fleabag' Is Not Returning For A Third Season

So, What Can We Expect For The Return Of Fleabag?


Fleabag is rated at 8.7 out of a perfect 10 on IMDb. This is quite great and the quality of the show can be determined from this rating aline. This is however not the only accomplishment of the show. The show has won several British Academy Television Awards too. Hence, it can be said that the return of the show is inevitable. This is because the fantastic show has many fans apart from Britain too.

“I haven’t changed my mind about season 3. It feels more and more about being the right decision.  (These awards shows) are just beautiful goodbyes. But there’s been so many goodbyes every time,” Waller-Bridge, the creator of the show, said at the Golden Globes backstage scenario.


And as far as the movie that Waller-Bridge is writing? “You just have to wait,” she further added. 

For a long time, Walter Bridge has been saying that her pen is not ready for writing and hence, she hasn’t written anything for a third season. But this doesn’t mean that the show will end. Of course, there will be a third season of Fleabag but, we will have to wait for it. It could be next year’s ending or the beginning after that but, we won’t get it definitely in 2020 as the year is about to end. 

I’d like to thank Obama for putting us on his list as some of you know, he’s always been on mine,” said the creator in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. The thing is that Obama mentioned the show on his best shows list and this is the reason why the show, Fleabag, has received the spotlight it rightfully deserves.

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