Final Presidential Debate Saw Trump Accusing Other Countries Including India Of “Filthy Air”


The final presidential debate happened on October 22, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee. The presidential election in the United States is the most untraditional this year. The reasons include coronavirus, the president being diagnosed with the virus for which he hasn’t shown any responsibility, the throwing of faith everywhere, and the SC seat in its midst. It is the one which shows the US economy suffering just because the candidates can’t account for and act accordingly. Donald Trump, in his previous debate, cornered the rival Democrat Joe Biden, instead of responding to queries related to the economic state of the nation.

The final presidential debate which took place on Thursday, also witnessed him shoving accusations on others rather than accruing his own failures. The climate change agenda of Biden is well known and to tackle it, Trump saw it absolutely necessary to talk about other nations’ bottlenecks to count for its own.


Trump accuses other nations in final presidential debate
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“Look at India, the air is filthy”: Donald Trump, 2020

Let’s face it, the defensive mechanism in humans is so strong that whenever danger seems impending, we shift it onto others. This is an example in American history. Trump’s reign saw some rising climatic change in the United States, the annual Californian fires are a supreme example. Comparing his rule to others, he tried to shift it saying “Look at Russia, China, and India, the air is filthy.”

India and the USA have shared amicable relationships with each other. The diplomats of both the countries occasionally meet up to talk about various topics. These include ties with other nations and with each other. Trump has denounced Biden’s claim on climate change. He said that he just wanted to ruin oil states like Texas and Oklahoma. Broadly speaking, he said that Biden’s plan is an “economic disaster”. To counter this claim, Biden rightfully emphasized that being aware of climate change is a rightful act. He said, “We have a moral obligation to deal with it. We will pass the point of no return within the next eight or ten years.” This is the first time when a leading politician has even addressed the gravity of climate change. Otherwise, Trump has just slammed a teenage activist, Greta Thunberg.


Trump accuses other nations in final presidential debate
Final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, what will it bring?

The final presidential debate throws light on both the leaders

The debates are an interesting way to see the mettle of candidates. Talking further on the climate topic, Trump said that India and China still benefit from the Paris Agreement. The agreement is to keep the global temperatures rises below 2 degree Celsius. The US pulled out of the agreement in 2017. In his final presidential debate, he further stated that these countries add a lot to air pollution, which is true, but every little drop makes up the ocean. The Indian government has not actively done anything to even acknowledge the rising temperatures. However, the same is with all the political leaders.

Saving his own bottom, Trump said, “We have the best environmental numbers. All the countries like China, Russia, and India are spewing stuff into the air.”


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