FAU-G Game Has Finally Made its Appearance


FAU-G has been released globally after being available in India since January 26. The developers of the game, nCore Games, shared the development through a tweet.

Players outside of India will now be able to download and play FAU-G through Google Play, but there is still no information on an iOS release. FAU-G became the top free game in India a couple of days after launch and it still holds that title. The game was announced back in September 2020 after PUBG Mobile was banned in the country.


FAU-G became the top free game in India soon after release but recently, PUBG fans bombed FAU-G reviews on Google Play for it not being at par with PUBG Mobile. However, that did not change its position as the top free game in India.

About FAU-G

Fearless and United Guards, styled as FAU-G is inspired by the real lives that guard our borders in the Galwan Valley, a sub-zero inhospitable place. nCore Games takes time to craft an interesting story around a surviving member of FAU-G, an elite unit of Indian soldiers who have been taken prisoner by Chinese forces. You play as this lone warrior, taking the fight against the enemy to save your squad against all odds.

The gameplay is quite linear, featuring fistfights with groups of enemies that don’t really change much. There are melee weapons in the game that enemies drop and you can pick up two at a time. And that’s about all the variation you can expect from FAU-G.


The brawler mechanics involve just two buttons, ‘hit’ and ‘block’ and you rarely need the latter. Along the way, you’ll find bonfires where you can regain health, which isn’t possible in other parts

While it is easy to get into, the game gets repetitive very fast. Your character has the same combo set, which varies a bit. Levels are linear and consist of sections with enemies in them. Move forward, engage, move forward again in a simple arcade-Y cadence. This is familiar gameplay that is very simple to grasp.

Other Playing Modes

The game received mixed reviews as it lacked content but the developers will be releasing two new modes – ‘Free for All’ and 5v5 ‘Team Deathmatch’ – that may quench the thirst of players who were expecting more from FAU-G, especially after the PUBG Mobile ban. We reviewed FAU-G and found it to be repetitive and unfinished.

Given the state of the game, as it is today, it might have been better to make the announcement a little later, when more of the game was actually ready for players to try. As of now, FAU-G doesn’t really offer much entertainment for its 460+MB size on Android but with the addition of new modes, the verdict could change.


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