Facebook Rolls Out New Subject Matter Expert Feature To Identify Knowledgeable Members in the Group


Social media giant Facebook has come up with a new feature that will allow group admins to identify “subject matter experts” in their respective groups. There are millions of groups on Facebook that post different content. Now the social media platform gives a chance to the subject matter experts to stand out in the crowd.

Social Media Platform Facebook Launches New Subject Matter Expert Feature

Facebook has launched a new feature in which subject matter experts in groups can stand out among the other members. The are several groups on the application that post content related to various topics. However, now the group admins or the moderators can identify subject matter experts in their respective groups and help them come into the spotlight. Moreover, they can recognize these knowledgeable members easily and give them the tag of a “subject matter expert”.


Facebook Rolls Out New Subject Matter Expert Feature To Identify Knowledgeable Members in the Group
Source: Hindustan Times

Group Admins Can Now Identify People with Talent

Facebook Executive Maria Smith announced the new feature via a blog post. She wrote that group admins now have the facility to select knowledgeable members in the groups and help them stand out from the crowd. The main motive behind this feature is to give those people a chance who have talent and skills in them. Moreover, the group admins will play a very important role in empowering these people who have talent but never got a chance to showcase it.

What is this new Facebook Feature All About?  


The admins can now host Q&A in their respective groups and other members will respond to that. Besides that, they can invite any member to take up the expert badge. However, it completely depends upon the member they want to accept or reject the badge. Admins cannot force anyone. If the member accepts the expert badge invitation, he or she will receive a badge next to their name. This will become easier for other Facebook group members to identify the subject matter expert.

Facebook Rolls Out New Subject Matter Expert Feature To Identify Knowledgeable Members in the Group
Source: Economic Times

Currently Under Testing Period

Facebook has not specified the number of experts a particular group can have. However, some people have expressed concern over this issue saying that it might lead to misuse. Some people can misuse this feature and post irrelevant content on the groups. Moreover, a spokesperson for the social media giant said that this feature is out for a test now. They will come to a conclusion after they have seen positive results of the new feature.

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