Facebook Is Taking Effective Measures To Curb Possible Election Discord


Facebook is not just a social media tool, these days. It has broadened its horizons to different companies, collaborated with other people in other areas, and so on. Previously, it has deployed tolls in Myanmar and Sri Lanka elections to stop unnecessary unrest. Elections are a vulnerable time where anything can happen. You can expect the worst possible thing and it can likely become a reality during elections. The ongoing United States presidential elections are already a sore topic for most. The fact that people are already gathering at various places for the elections says a lot of enthusiasm. To prevent possible unrest in November, Facebook has taken the reigns to take emergency measures.


Facebook to take measures to curb unnecessary riots in election
Source: Wall Street Journal

Facebook to remain extra vigilant during the US elections in November

The inflammatory posts from supporters from opposite parties can cause a lot of serious harm. this is in terms of physical, emotional, and mental. Social media can create riots between people. This is the reason why in India, the government decided to cut the internet facility so as to curb social media and its presence. The internal tools can create a barrier to the threats posed due to social media. Social media is such a powerful tool to spread misinformation. Hence, Facebook saw the opportunity to take the matter into its hands and deploy the measures in advance. The viral content will be regulated and the hate posts will be taken down immediately.


Facebook to take measures to curb unnecessary riots in election
Source: Dynamite News

The move will benefit American citizens at large

The critical condition which sorts from the time of elections has to be dealt with somehow. The tools which Facebook will use will transform the way people who use social media receive information. Even though the plan has received criticism from its own Facebook family members, the company has decided to move further with it. The representatives of both parties believe that the regulation of social media information dissemination is a barrier to clear and straightforward political discussion. Their point of view is that social media should act as a free form of expression. However, Facebook has seen the pattern in different countries and it is good that it has decided to act in advance.

Facebook spokesman Andy done said, “We have spent years building for safer, more secure elections. We have built new teams with experience across different areas to prepare for various scenarios.” The US Presidential election is in full force currently. Both the candidates are touching the battleground states to attract more supporters and consequently, more votes.


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