Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday, Second One in a Week


Facebook servers went down for the second time this week. However, the company stated that Friday’s outage; was nothing like the one that happened earlier. Besides that, it thanked the users for remaining patient and apologized for the inconvenience. The social media company’s servers went down globally on Monday; with none of its applications responding. It was almost a 6-9 hours outage across the whole world. Neither WhatsApp nor Instagram was accessible to the users.

Social Media Giant, Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday

For the second time this week; Facebook servers were disturbed globally. The company sincerely apologized to users; around the world for the inconvenience. However, it stated that yesterday’s outage; was nothing like what happened on Monday. The company and its services including WhatsApp and Instagram were facing disruption again on Friday.


Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday, Second One in a Week
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In its statement, the company said that another faulty configuration change led to the outage and they are extremely sorry for it. Moreover, they thanked all the users for having patience as their services were out on Friday. DownDetector, an application that tracks outages highlighted the fact that the social company went down for the second time in a week. Although the problems were fixed in a couple of hours, some users were really unhappy with the performance.

Users Mocked the Application on Twitter

Some users were not able to load their Instagram feed during the latest outage on Friday. Besides that, some users were not able to send messages on messenger; or access their Facebook feed. However, the latest outage did not hamper WhatsApp much. During the outage, users swiftly took to Twitter and made memes on the second outage just in a week. Although several users were terrified of the company’s performance, they didn’t leave any chance to mock it down. One user wrote, “Looks like the company works 3 days a week with Monday and Friday shutdowns”. Another user tweeted, “What’s Up with Instagram?”

Some Users were Very Unhappy with the Application’s Performance


Although people were mocking Facebook for its frequent outages; some users were really enraged by its performance. One of them said that it’s not even 4 days and the application is down again. Besides that, a DownDetector chart forum reported, “Problems with Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp AGAIN!” It’s the second time in a week; when the social media giant’s service went down globally. The first outage happened earlier this week that went up for 8-9 hours. Billions of users around the world tweeted that they weren’t able to access their Instagram or send messages on WhatsApp.

Facebook Faces Global Outage on Friday, Second One in a Week
Source: Dawn

Facebook Issued Sincere Apology

The Friday outage was solved after a few hours. Facebook issued a sincere apology for the incident; and thanked the users for remaining patient all through this time. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the same on Tuesday; after the app’s services were out for approximately nine hours.

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