Euphoria Season 2: When is the Series Returning on HBO, and Other Updates


Fans are excited to know about Euphoria Season 2. Debuted in 2019, the show has gained a huge fan following among teens. The HBO original series is most popular among young adults and teenagers. It is one of the most popular TV series. With an amazing storyline, it grasps its audience. The series has an 85 percent audience score on rotten tomatoes. No matter how many times you watch it, you can never get over this show. After a successful debut, let’s see what the second installment has in store for us. Here are all the updates we know about Euphoria’s second season.

Is Euphoria Season 2 Happening? 

Yes, Euphoria season 2 is happening. HBO renewed the series in 2019 for a second season. Season 1 was such a big hit, that makers couldn’t resist a second season. It was rumored that season 2’s filming was delayed. And the obvious reason was the COVID-19 pandemic. It is rumored that the shooting resumed in 2021. But nothing is official yet.


Euphoria Season 2: When is the Series Returning on HBO, and Other Updates
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Do We Have a Release Date Yet? 

No, we don’t have a release date yet for Euphoria season 2. At least we know that it is renewed for another season. This news gives us hope. Euphoria season 1 debuted in June 2019. But it is quite unlikely to expect Euphoria season 2 this June. We can expect it to release around the end of this year. Or maybe in early 2022.

Is there any Trailer Yet? 

There isn’t any trailer yet. Usually, trailers or teasers are released a month or two before the premiere. And we don’t have any updates on filming yet. Therefore, it is quite difficult to predict a trailer right now. Just like other shows, Euphoria season 2 is also delayed in the pandemic period. It is rumored that the show is getting its final touches. Hopefully, we hear some good news soon.

Euphoria Season 1 Recap 


Euphoria season 1 debuted in 2019 with eight episodes. The final episode was titled “And salt and the Earth behind you”. Rue relapsed in a surreal musical sequence in that episode. On the other hand, Jules left for the big city. Kat and Ethan got together at the winter formal. And Maddy successfully slipped a CD from Nate’s room that could expose his father. Season 1 was a roller coaster ride. So many intriguing things happened in the first season. We expect the same from Euphoria season 2.

Euphoria Season 2: When is the Series Returning on HBO, and Other Updates
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What Will Happen in Season 2? 

We don’t have much information regarding the plot of Euphoria season 2. But we do know that it is filled with surprises. The final episode left the audience on a cliffhanger. However, the viewers will know what happened to Rue’s sister in season 2. It will also deal with all unanswered questions from season 1.

Expected Cast 

We all know that Zendaya and Angus will definitely return for Euphoria season 2. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie Howard will possibly return. Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, and Hunter Schafer will also return. We also hope Jacob Elordi reprise as Nate Jacobs.

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