England: Citizens Might Need to Wear Face Masks Even After July 19


People in England might need to wear masks even after COVID-19 restrictions ease on July 19. Boris Johnson in an earlier statement suggested that vaccinated people need not wear masks beyond July 19. However, experts have warned him against the rising COVID-19 Delta variant in the UK. It is expected that Johnson will ask people to continue wearing face masks even though restrictions ease on July 19.

People in England might Require Face Masks Beyond July 19

Nadhim Zahawi, Britain’s vaccines minister said that people in England must continue wearing masks even after July 19. Masks are quite important during gatherings, especially when the crowd is large. Boris Johnson will confirm on Monday whether people will require a face mask or not after July 19. Besides that, he will also instruct the citizens regarding other COVID-19 precautions. He will take big decisions regarding social distancing and mask-wearing.


England: Citizens Might Need to Wear Face Masks Even After July 19
Source: Al Jazeera

Experts had warned Boris Johnson Against the Deadly Delta Variant

A few days earlier, UK PM Boris Johnson stated; that vaccinated people in the country need not wear masks anymore. Moreover, he said that face masks will become a matter of personal choice for the citizens. He highlighted the fact that people might need a face mask when they are in extremely crowded places. Experts warned the PM against his decision and emphasized that the COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading fast in the country. However, now it seems that people in England will need to cover their faces up even after July 19.

England Not in a Situation to Make Face Masks a Matter of Personal Choice


Boris Johnson is fully opening the UK’s economy on July 19. The government will have no control over the businesses and they can operate as they want to. However, the decision comes amid the rising cases of the Delta variant in the country. The Delta variant is now dominating in the UK; the country is witnessing a surge in daily cases. Even though, Johnson earlier stated that masks are a matter of personal choice; it seems that people in England will require them for a longer time.

England: Citizens Might Need to Wear Face Masks Even After July 19
Source: The Scientist Magazine

COVID-19 Delta Variant: A Variant of Concern

US treasury secretary Janet Yellen expressed her concern over the Delta variant. She said that the Delta variant and other emerging variants have the capacity to ruin everything that is recovered. Moreover, the WHO has also declared the COVID-19 Delta variant as “a variant of concern”. Besides that, the Delta variant is also affecting the global economy. Several countries had started to open up its economy; but are now skeptical due to this variant.

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