Enforcement Directorate Ask For Info And Documents From Amazon As Investigations Continue


There have been sudden developments in Amazon’s establishment in India. Amazon was recently requested by the Indian Enforcement Directorate to provide data about all its activities in the country. The Enforcement Directorate department continues to monitor the US e-commerce organization, Amazon and it is thoroughly investigating its activities, looking for minute details and trails of corporate fraud by bypassing foreign investment laws.


The federal corporate financial fraud and crime combat agency’s sources said last month that the Directorate would study the results in a latest special analysis from Reuters. These special analysis reports revealed that the organization has been supplying a select number of Indian vendors with favorable treatment for several months and it uses these as a method to bypass foreign investment laws. Amazon has of course denied any kind of involvement in this kind of activity and also, no one is guilty until proven so.

Enforcement Directorate to examine findings in report on Amazon: Source - Times of India

Enforcement Directorate To Invigilate Amazon and Its Activities : 


Amazon has been under investigation by the Enforcement Directorate for the potential breach of international investment law for many years. It is not the first time that the organization has been put under investigation. The special report from Reuters was focused on the internal Amazon records from 2012 to 2019 which were provided by the organization. These reports gave an inside look upon this game that the US-based organization, Amazon operated with the Government Of India. Each time the state placed federal rules on preserving small retailers, the company changed its legal entities and movements so that their bypassing of the government laws remained undetectable.

On Friday, Reuters was told by the Senior Compliance Directorate: “Obviously we have sought information” from Amazon. The source when asked whether the department had been seeking business documents said, “information means information and documents.” The source has further refused to comment on this matter and hence, no further developments have been made known. As for now, we obviously don’t know if Amazon has been proven guilty of fraud or if this all is a random goose chase. Time will definitely tell the truth. 

Indian retailers had reached out to PM Modi saying that companies like Walmart and Amazon deliberately hurt their business. These small traders are huge supports of Modiji and hence, we can expect a strict investigation by the committee into the matter. 

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