Emily in Paris Season 2: Release, Cast and Potential Plot Details


Netflix’s Emily in Paris is one of the sexiest shows the streaming service has to offer. After the end of its first season, fans can’t hold their excitement for Emily in Paris Season 2.

Emily in Paris Season 2
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From Darren Star, creator of Sex and the City, Beverly Hills 90210, and Younger; Emily in Paris is yet another stylish and delightful show about a young woman in Paris. The show follows the eponymous Emily (Lily Collins). She is an American who moves to Paris to provide an American point of view to a French marketing firm. Being the city of love, Emily searches for love in the beautiful and big city and struggling with her work simultaneously.

So is Emily in Paris Season 2 happening? Keep reading to know more.

Also, a friendly reminder. Spoilers ahead.

Emily in Paris Season 2: Release Date

The first season of Emily in Paris premiered on October 2, 2020. With 10 episodes filled with beautiful locations in Paris, a bunch of interesting characters, gorgeous dresses, and bunch of French lovers, Emily in Paris has garnered a massive fanbase.


In an interview with OprahMag.com, Star reveals that in Emily in Paris Season 2, she will have her feet on the ground a little more. He also added thaht she would be making a life there.

Star added, “In season 2, she’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in. She’ll be more of a resident of the city.”

In another interview with Vanity Fair, Lily Collins said that she would love nothing more than to be able to go back to Paris and do another season. She also added that Netflix is waiting to see how the series performs after its October 2 premiere.

Emily in Paris Season 2
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Collins, who is also a producer on the show said, “There were so many situations that we were like, ‘Okay, write that down. That’s going to happen in season two.”

In another exclusive interview with E! News, Star said, “I don’t know about season two yet, but I think Emily has some surprising tough choices. The show’s so much about the culture undermining her expectations of how things are and how things seem. And everything will not be as it seems. It’s always about challenging her American worldview. We certainly have a lot of forks in the road and a lot of places to go.”

Netflix hasn’t revealed anything regarding the release date of Emily in Paris Season 2. Season 1 premiered just a month ago so it is too early for any revelation about the next season.


Furthermore, the show has become very popular and even reached the top ten lists for the week of October 5, 2020. The show also cracked the top 10 in India and is still going strong. If this is any indication, we can at least be sure that Emily in Paris Season 2 is definitely coming back.

Who will be back?

It is definitely no surprise that Lily Collins would be back for Emily in Paris Season 2. She is also the producer on the show so that means she would also have creative control over how the show proceeds.

Emily in Paris Season 2
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The full cast include:

  • Lily Collins – Emily
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – Sylvie
  • Ashley Park – Mindy
  • Lucas Bravo – Gabriel
  • Samuel Arnold – Julien
  • Bruno Gouery – Luc
  • Camille Razat – Camille
  • Kate Walsh – Madeline

Emily in Paris Season 2: Potential Plot

The first season consisted of 10 episodes and left fans with a massive cliffhanger.

The first season finale had some real shockers.

One of them was that Emily and Gabriel finally spent the night together. After he finally breaks things off with his girlfriend, Camille, both of them satisfy their lust for each other. After teasing the viewers for the entire season, the viewers were finally happy to see them finally together.

But the problem is Gabriel can’t stay at Paris anymore. He has to leave for Normandy to start his own restaurant. In the end, Gabriel changes his plans and would be able to continue working in Paris as Antoine offers to back him up. The news seems to cheer Emily. Soon, Camille texts her that Gabriel informed her that he isn’t leaving. Furthermore, she asks Emily if they could talk.

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