Eknath Khadse, Former BJP Leader, Joins National Congress Party


Eknath Khadse joined the NCP on Friday, October 23, 2020. He has been a pioneer in making the Bhartiya Janata Party place both its feet in Maharashtra. The rock behind the mantle now has changed his party. This will definitely impact the BJP, but now National Congress Party stands to gain it all. The experience which Eknath Khadse has in Assembly will surely make NCP die in giddiness. And, it’s not a gloomy death.

And, it’s a metaphor.


The decision is not a sudden and rash one. BJP saw it coming for the past several months. He has voiced against the party’s jurisdiction and activities recently. Now, Sharad Pawar is the man who will receive the jackpot in the form of Eknath Khadse.

Eknath Khadse joins NCP
Source: Scroll

Eknath Khadse joining NCP will form a different North Maharashtra

Khadse’s political career has been influential in the North Maharashtra regions. Areas like Dhule and Nandurbar alongside Madhya Pradhees and Gujarat will see a new revolution. The change of parties usually changes the political scenario as well. His appeal travels just more than Maharastra. Sharad Pawar has been on the rise to gather more support from the Maharashtra people. Now, Eknath Khadse can bring him just the right opportunity to stand in North Maharashtra with people all around him.


The difficulty is due to the belonging of NCP’s MPs. They are mostly from South India. So, forming a base in a new state where people do not know you personally is a tough feat, always. However, Khadse is no new name. The ecstasy that the National Congress party is feeling can be felt. They can also now tackle the majority BJP followed by Shiv Sena and Congress. Khadse primarily wanted to make NCP known. He could have joined hands with Uddhav Thackerey. But, Khadse saw the opportunity to join his with NCP. His fiery speeches can also help tackle all the hate which may come from the former family.

Khadse’s decision to leave BJP also come up with accusations against him of molestation and land fraud. His speech stated that his new alliance will help him unfold the mysteries that surround the BJP and how the party tries to threaten him.

Sharad Pawar welcome shim to the NCP family

Sharad Pawar welcomed Khadse and publicly spoke that his admission is not based on any pre-conditions. He said, “Khadse has not laid down any expectation from the party. While joining us all, he was planning to serve the people of the state without any expectation in return.” He also denied the rumors of Cabinet’s reshuffling and appointment and expulsion of few Minsters. Hence, it is clear that both the leaders have clarity and understanding between them to take on the future on their own will.


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