“Dynastic Corruption, a formidable challenge”: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “dynastic corruption” over the years has become a major challenge for the country. That it has made the country weaker over the years and has taken a strong-hold over the years.

On Tuesday while inaugurating the three-day National Conference on Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, organized by the Central Bureau of Investigation, PM Narendra Modi addressed via video-conferencing his take on how corruption over the years have made our country hollow.

He said that “dynastic corruption” has become a part of the political culture in many states over the years. This has turned out as a strong obstacle for the country’s growth. Negligence in even one single corruption case shapes the culture for more future scams and corruption.


“Dynastic corruption, as in corruption transferred from one generation to another, has grown over the decades to become a formidable challenge before the country. During the past decades, we have seen that when one generation of corrupt people is not punished adequately, its subsequent generations indulge in corruption with more impunity,” he said.

He said that when we fail to take punish one generation of corrupt people, their forthcoming generations give in to more corruption as it grows larger. Thus, making these corrupt practices a common practice in large sections of society and media. This has made the country hollow and weaker over the decades.

He said that this type of corruption has become common in many states. The corruption is running through generations and is making the country more feeble. PM Modi asked for a collective responsibility of all enforcement agencies to fight corruption. He also said that dynastic corruption is interlinked with many issues troubling our nation. Such as economic offenses, drugs, money-laundering, terrorism, and terror-funding.

A cooperative and holistic approach against Dynastic Corruption

PM Modi called for a holistic approach in this fight. He stated the need for systematic checks, effective audit, capacity building, and training against corruption.

“There needs to be synergy and cooperative spirit among different agencies fighting corruption.”, he said.


He said that fighting corruption is not the job of any single body but must be everyone’s collective responsibility. Therefore, if the officials don’t take necessary actions against a single corrupt person, it will become normalized and slowly become an obstacle towards a prosperous and self-dependent India.

He has called for Preventive Vigilance over Punitive Vigilance against corruption. So there is a need to attack corruption where it begins. He also said that the largest victims of dynastic corruption are the poor of the country.

“Today, we can say that country has left behind the era of scams.”, he said.

PM Modi’s remarks came ahead of the first phase of voting in the Bihar assembly election. BJP-JD(U) has attacked Mahagathbandhan’s chief ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav over his jailed father Lalu Prasad’s corruption cases.

The National Conference on Vigilance and Anti-Corruption is observed every year in the country from October 27 to November 2. This coincides with the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’. A government official has stated that the activities in this conference will primarily focus on vigilance issues aimed at raising awareness. And will assert India’s commitment to the promotion of integrity and uprightness in public life through the participation of citizens.

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