Durgesh Dhaker’s Aapno Rajasthan: A Young Digital Entrepreneur Making Waves On Social Media


The arrival of social media has strengthened the presence of digital media on a huge scale. Several connoisseurs are inclined to learn digital media’s art and thus carve a special niche for themselves as digital media mavericks. Durgesh Dhaker is a 26-year-old digital entrepreneur from Rajasthan. Still, he is more familiar with his social media efforts on the web than any other thing.


He belongs from Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, and has been active on Social Media since his young age. He surveys and keeps updating his skills as he understood the very importance of social media in celebrities’ lives at a very early age. Hence soon, he came out as a social media influencer handling too many social media pages. The most prominent page is Aapno Rajasthan, along with accounts doing wonders in people’s lives.

Durgesh Dhaker’s official Aapno Rajasthan is gaining momentum and love from the people he has worked and collaborated with. He has a massive following on popular social media platforms. Owing to his digital understanding and planning’s, he has made effective connections with budding, growing, and big names in different industries. Everyone recommends Durgesh for the digital media strategies.


Durgesh Dhaker is coming up as one of the finest entrepreneurs in the social media world. The models from different parts of the cities show praise and appreciation Durgesh’s social media knowledge and how he has helped them grow through his skills.

His success record speaks proportions about his character as an authentic entrepreneur. His persistent efforts to work hard give his honest services to his clients in promotion, social media strategizing, social media handling, event activities, and promotions. Durgesh inspires by the very thoughts of doing what you believe in. If you are consistent enough in your detain, you will undoubtedly reach your milestone. His past years have worked for him, and his views and ideologies have supported him to the core. The factor that distinguishes Durgesh from the rest is that he gives wings to everyone who aspires to fly. He does not believe in flying solo; he is a team leader, leading by example.



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